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What is a Comprehensive Master Plan?

Destination 2040 is the process of developing a Comprehensive Plan for Middlesex County that will shape how our county will grow and change in the future through input from those who live, work and learn here. The Plan will help guide the municipalities within the county with programs and policies to help them achieve their goals toward improving the quality of life for all residents.  The final plan must be easy to understand, inclusive, forward thinking and adaptive to sudden changes or opportunities.

Middlesex County is one of the most densely populated counties in New Jersey and is projected to grow at a rate of at least 12%, so we need to be prepared.  We want to make sure we’re setting ourselves up for the brightest future by integrating a plan for housing, transportation, economic growth, building development, green spaces, recreational opportunities and whatever is most important to YOU.  

The Comprehensive Plan for Middlesex County was last updated in 1973 - that’s before many Middlesex residents were even born!  (The median age in Middlesex County is 39 years old and children represent a quarter of the population.)

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