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All Middlesex County buildings will remain closed to the general public until further notice.




Middlesex County is bringing the future of innovation to New Jersey. With a vast and growing base of cutting-edge business and research facilities in biotech, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and logistics, Middlesex County is today’s incubator for tomorrow’s innovations and market success.

The growth opportunities and competitive business environment in the County continue to attract the attention and investments of industry leaders like Dr. Stephen Tsu, who left Michigan State University to establish his genetic testing and disease prevention company, Genomic Prediction, in Middlesex County. Biopharmaceutical research services startup NJ Biopharmaceuticals has also selected Middlesex County as its base and headquarters. 

By serving as a partner and resource for business opportunity, the County is providing an environment for leading research facilities to thrive in key areas of science and business like bio-tech, a field in which entrepreneurs and researchers in Middlesex County gain unique access to world-class R&D facilities and talent at leading technological institutes, research labs, and universities.




Technology Center of New Jersey 

A cutting-edge R&D facility located near Princeton and Rutgers University, the Center is home to the CCIT and the BDC (see more below) and provides research labs and workspace for emerging tech startups.


Located in the heart of New Jersey's “Research Corridor,” the CCIT is where science and business unite to develop new technology and innovations that make an impact - locally, nationally, and globally. As one of the premier biotech incubators in the nation and the region’s center for innovation, the research labs and funding opportunities here are second to none. The CCIT’s combination of expert staff and targeted funding has seen the successful launch of a number of leading biotech companies such as Amicus Therapeutics, Genewiz, Sophion, and Chromocell


Entrepreneurs who attain a high level of business growth and success at the CCIT earn a place at the BDC, where they receive go-to-market strategy development as well as guidance and advisory services for market success. Located on-site at the CCIT, the BDC is a critical late-stage partner to young biotech companies. It selects only the most dynamic startups and applies practices of transformative acceleration to emerging companies on their journey to becoming industry leaders.


CABM’s mission is to make fundamental discoveries and develop new technologies that can be translated to improve human health. CABM was established to be a hub for biomedical research at Rutgers University and the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey- Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. CABM is primarily focused on biomedical research in the areas of Infectious Disease, Cancer, and Neurodevelopment/Neurodegeneration. CABM continues to be singularly positioned as an internationally-recognized leader within the scientific and medical communities. 



Location Options, Workforce Talent and Training

Middlesex County Business Portal 

The Middlesex County Business Portal provides commercial investors a tool to identify opportunities in Middlesex County. In seconds, you can locate industrial, commercial, vacant, and farm properties and create an attribute table property list to share. Site-specific incentives, proximities for commuter transportation, freight, waterfront access, fiber optics, acreage and more can be filtered to provide you with drilled-in site options key for decision making. As an Esri partner we provide free site-specific demographic, traffic, and retail opportunity reports valuable to site selection investments. Click here to access our Business Portal.


Also known as the Edison Academy, this secondary school trains hundreds of select New Jersey students for future careers in advanced fields and was one of the first pre-college technical schools in the country to focus solely on building skills in the STEM fields.


This free program provides the residents of Middlesex County with access to online courses that give training and certifications in a wide range of critical skill sets including IT, logistics, business management, computer programing, and much more. Once skills are updated, users can then access on-site job listings and find potential matches in minutes.

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