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Chair of Infrastructure Management Committee

Freeholder Kenny has dedicated his time to improving the quality of life for all residents, including helping to bring quality programs and services to our residents at costs they can afford. 
Before being elected to the Middlesex County Freeholder Board, Freeholder Kenny was the First Ward Councilman in Woodbridge, where he helped develop new small businesses and assisted existing ones flourish. Freeholder Kenny has assisted in creating emergency service systems, a municipal skate park and a dog park in Woodbridge.
Freeholder Charles Kenny is a graduate of Middlesex County College. He is a lifelong resident of Woodbridge Township.
Governmental Experience:
*Councilman 1st Ward (since 1997)
*Democratic County Committeeman Ward 1, District 9 (since 1995)
*Graduate of Middlesex County College, 2009
*Local Assistance Board (1995-1998)
*Sewer Utility Review Board (since 1999)
*Mayor’s Council on Physical Fitness
*Created “Support Our Troops Rally”
*Created and passed an ordinance to ban the sale of candy cigarettes to minors
*Updated Taxicab and Livery Ordinance to expand small businesses and improve safety
*Expanded off-street parking and changed parking restrictions to improve parking in Woodbridge Township’s Business District
*Worked to install AED in Police vehicles
*Implemented Township-wide Reverse 911 Emergency Alert Program
*Co-Chaired committee to develop, create, install, and activate a new Township-wide trunk radio system for emergency, Township, and Board of Education vehicles
*Created Skate Park
*Developed a new Dog Park
*Oversaw construction for new Animal Shelter and Pet Adoption Center
*Open Space preservation
*Upgraded railroad crossing at Woodbridge Avenue
*Improved culverts on Wedgewood Brook
*Developed funding for Pedestrian Safety Crossing Program
*Oversaw the development of “Quiet Zone Crossings” in Woodbridge Proper and Sewaren
Professional Experience:
*Woodbridge Fire Department (since 1985)
*Fire Department Captain (since 1995)
*Source 4 Teachers, Substitute Teacher (since 2010)
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