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Once an individual successfully passes all the prescreening  requirements and is hired as a Middlesex County Sheriff’s Officer or Investigator they must first complete 3 phases of training. During the first 2 phases of training they are considered a Recruit.
The first phase of training consists of in house pre academy training that lasts approximately 2 weeks. During this phase of training the recruit will be trained in military commands, movements, appropriate responses and acceptable police academy demeanor.
The second phase of training for Recruits is the successful  completion of the 24 week Police Academy. During these 24 weeks the Recruits are trained in all the necessary areas required to be considered a certified NJ Police Officer. This includes but is not limited to meeting the very high daily standards in the areas of physical fitness, academics, military drills, marching, movements and firearms proficiency. Once the Recruit successfully completes this phase of training and graduates from the Police Academy they are considered an Officer/ Investigator. 
The final phase of training is a 9 week field training program. During this final phase of training the Officer/Investigator will work with various certified Field Training Officers within every division of the Sheriff’s Office.
Their training will continue on a state mandated basis throughout their careers in order to enable them to carry out their daily duties in the most safe, courteous and professional manner possible.


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