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 The Investigations Division is responsible for executing warrants that have been issued by the Courts. A warrant is a writ, a written order which requires the Sheriff's Investigators to arrest a specific person once he/she has been located. The fugitive will be brought to court to answer charges or transported to the Adult Correctional Center or Juvenile Detention Center to await his/her court appearance

In a typical year, there are approximately 3,070 warrants received by the Sheriff's Department. Of these, an estimated 2,800 result in an arrest.
Some of the warrants which are commonly executed by Sheriff's Investigators include:

• Bench Warrant: Process issued by the court ("from the bench") for the arrest of a person.
• Violation of Probation Warrant: Process issued by the court when a person violates his/her Probation "contract". Probation is given to defendants who have been convicted of some minor offense and instead of being incarcerated, they are ordered by the court to behave lawfully, usually under the supervision of a probation officer.
• Non-Support Warrant: Process issued by the court when a person fails to maintain regular payments toward his/her child-support or alimony obligations.
• Juvenile Warrant: Process issued by the court for a person who commits a criminal offense and is under the age of eighteen (18) years old.


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