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It is important that you know what can and cannot be recycled in your municipality.

Many residents just “recycle everything” thinking they are doing their part to help the environment.  But, placing items in your curbside recycling bin that cannot be recycled wastes time, energy, and money.  Recycling facilities have to pay to sort and dispose of items that should have been thrown in the garbage in the first place.  This increases costs to every taxpayer.​ 

Follow these simple rules:

· Do not include garden hoses, VHS tapes, used syringes, toys, carpet, plates, shoes, clothing, cups, utensils or plastic bags in your Curbside Recycling Bin.

· Do reuse your plastic bags at home or see if your local grocery store accepts them for recycling.

· Do recycle your clothing at any of the many clothing drop-off boxes in your community.

· DO pour out liquids from food and beverage bottles/cans before putting in recycling bin.

· DO NOT recycle any boxes or papers that are covered in food, grease or liquids.  DO recycle your pizza boxes if they do not have grease or other food on them or consider only recycling the top of the box.

· DO NOT recycle any bottles that contained hazardous materials (empty motor oil, pesticides, antifreeze, paint).

 · DO call your local recycling coordinator if you have questions on whether an item should be recycled.


Know which bin to throw it in!



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