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Middlesex County Adult Correction Center

Middlesex County has a long history of national leadership in jail operations. In 1917, when the jail opened in New Brunswick, Middlesex pioneered a number of architectural innovations.


In 1978, the Board of Freeholders combined the jail and the workhouse into a unified Department of Corrections. A modern facility was constructed in North Brunswick and the old buildings were closed. Since opening in 1984, the Adult Correction Center has been recognized as a leader in Direct Supervision Jail Management. Through the years, jail leaders from all around the country (and even overseas) have visited Middlesex County.


In 2013, the Middlesex County Department of Corrections processed over 8,500 inmate commitments. The average daily population of the facility totaled 911.


The Department of Corrections is composed of 292 employees, administrators, correction officers, supervisors and support staff.


The Warden is responsible to ensure the highest degree of protection for the citizens of Middlesex County and to ensure the safety of the staff through the secure confinement of inmates committed to the Middlesex County Department of Corrections.


The Warden’s Administrative Staff currently consists of (3) Captains and (2) Administrative Lieutenants whose duties cover such responsibilities as Custody Operations, inmate intake processing, housing and inmate discharge/bail processing.  It also includes oversight of such activities as rehabilitative/ social services, inmate classification, inmate disciplinary operations, and support services.


The Business Manager is responsible for purchasing, payroll, personnel and related administrative support services.

The Maintenance Superintendent is responsible for the building, grounds and equipment.

Food Services, Medical Services, Social Services and Commissary Services are provided by contract with private companies.​

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Mark J. Cranston Director of Department of Corrections Contact me

Office of Adult Corrections and Youth Services
Apple Orchard Lane
North Brunswick 08902
P.O. Box 266, New Brunswick, NJ 08903
Phone: 732-297-3636
Fax: 732-951-3322


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