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1.  All persons entering an Adult County Correctional facility are subject to search.

2.  Only visitors that are on an inmates approved visitor list may enter the visiting lobby and request a visit.

3.  It is the inmate’s responsibility to notify all visitors that they have been placed on an approved visitors list.

4.  Visitors are not permitted to visit with any party that has been court ordered no contact or on the inmates victim notification form.

5.  A visitor may not be on more than one inmate’s list, unless the visitor is immediate family to more than one inmate.

6.  Any visitor that has been incarcerated with the Middlesex County Department of Corrections within one (1) year of the requested visited will be denied.

7.  All visitors must provide valid photo identification to the Visiting Staff when checking in.  Acceptable forms of identifications are listed in the back of the handbook.
8.  The parent or legal guardian of a minor child must maintain close supervision of the child before, during and after each visit.  Children will never be left unattended for any reason.

9.  Visitors who are disruptive or causing a disturbance shall be requested to leave the institution and shall be denied access to visiting for that day.

10.  Limitation on the length or frequency of visits shall be imposed only to avoid overcrowding in the visiting area.

11.  Violation of visiting rules, regulations and procedures by a visitor shall result in the visitor being removed from the institution and being denied visiting privileges.
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