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Adult Corrections Visiting Guidelines

1.  All new intakes may not have video visiting privileges until after the first seven (7) days of incarceration.
2.  After the first seven (7) days of incarceration, inmates may receive video visits, as long as they are not in disciplinary detention status.
3.  A visitor list must be submitted first in order to be eligible for a video or contact visit.
4.  Inmates may place a maximum of six (6) visitors on their approved visitor list.  Children 13 years of age or under do not have to be placed on the visitor list.
5.  It is the inmate’s responsibility to notify all visitors that they have been placed on the approved visitor list and may enter the facility to request a visit.
6.  Inmates may not change their visitors on their approved visitor list, unless there are special circumstances, and the Warden or designee has approved such change. If an inmate is approved to place another visitor on his/her list, a visitor already on the list must be removed if it exceeds the maximum of six (6) visitors allowed.
7.  Each inmate is entitled to two (2) video visits per week.  The visiting week starts on Wednesday and ends on Sunday.
8.  Inmates may only have two (2) adult visitors at a time during a visiting session.
9.  Adult visitors may not bring more than one (1) child each.  Visitors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
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