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General Information

Visiting is a privilege that is earned by the inmates for good behavior and compliance with the rules and regulations; it is not a right.

Prior arrangements must be made through Social Services for special visits.

The video visit shall be no less than fifteen (15) minutes.

Your visit may be monitored and digitally recorded.
Visitors must conform to the dress code approved by the Warden as posted in the Visiting Lobby.
Bringing firearms, explosives, alcoholic beverages, narcotics, or any controlled substance, including marijuana, into the institution is a crime and cause for arrest.
Visitors are not permitted to carry cell phones, cameras, tape recorders, bags, briefcases or any electronic devices and similar apparatus into the visiting area.
No food, drinks, newspapers, magazines, and/or children’s toys shall be allowed.
No tobacco products or lighting utensils shall be allowed in the institution.
At the end of the visiting session or when a visit is terminated the visitor shall leave the visiting area neat, clean and free of debris.
Violation of visiting rules, regulations and procedures by a visitor shall result in the visitor being removed from the institution and being denied visiting privileges.


For any addtional information, please contact the visiting department directly at (732) 297-3636 x6376

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