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Clothing guidelines for visitors of Adult Corrections facilities

All visitors allowed to visit this facility must be dressed appropriately. The following type of clothing will not be considered appropriate attire for visiting:

1.  See through attire
2.  Tank tops
3.  Halter tops
4.  Bare feet
5.  Braless attire
6.  Mini skirts or dresses where the slit extends above the knee
7.  Revealing, low cut necklines
8.  Backless tops or dresses
9.  Tube tops
10.  Spaghetti strap tie tops
11.  Any clothing that reveals bare shoulders, bare midriff or any part of the breast,
12.  Spandex or other stretch clothing
13.  Hats or other headwear (exception shall be a bonafide religious tenet)

The above mentioned list includes clothing that is not acceptable, however, this list is not meant to be all inclusive.

The facility reserves the right to deny any visitor when it is determined a visitor’s dress is not appropriate, even though they may not be wearing one of the previously listed items of apparel.
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