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The last Wednesday of every month is reserved for in-person visits and is subject to change to meet the needs of the facility.

There will be no video visiting on the scheduled contact visiting days.

Inmates must fill out and submit a written request, and if eligible, they will be scheduled by length of incarceration.

The request forms will be available in the inmates housing unit. 

It is the inmate’s responsibility to notify their intended visitor of the times and dates of the approved contact visit.

Inmates incarcerated for ninety (90) days or longer shall be eligible for contact visits.n-person visits.

Inmates may not have an in-person visit with three or more minor disciplinary charges within thirty (30) days prior to the application for a in-person visit.

An inmate may earn an in-person visit by staying institutional charge free for a period of ninety (90) days prior to the application for a contact visit. Inmate must be found guilty of the charges in order to place a restriction on in-person visiting.

On the day of their scheduled in-person visit, the visitors are required to arrive fifteen (15) minutes prior to their scheduled in-person visiting time in order to check in.

All visitors shall register upon entry into the visiting hall and their personal property is subject to search and will be secured in a locker assigned by the visiting officers before entering the visit floor. 

All visitors are required to make notification of cancellation no less than twenty four (24) hours prior to the scheduled contact in-person visit. Any visitor that does not make required notification will have their visiting privileges suspended and/or terminated pending review by the Warden.

Inmates shall be permanently excluded from in-person visits for assaulting an officer or staff member while incarcerated.

Inmates that are Zero Tolerance or in Disciplinary lockdown status will not be eligible for in-person visits

All inmates receiving a in-person visit are subject to a strip search.

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