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All Middlesex County buildings will remain closed to the general public until further notice due to COVID-19. Only select County services are available on an appointment basis.


The Courts set the bail and changes are made (both increases and decreases) as time goes on. Also, when a person is incarcerated additional charges may come in from other jurisdictions which could effect the total amount of the bail. When you prepare to post bail, please check in advance with the Records office (732) 951- 3355 to be certain that you are aware of all charges and the total amount needed (bails and fees) in order to prevent unexpected delays. Cash Bails can be posted (full bail or 10% option) plus the $50 filing fees (if required) at the Adult Correction Center in North Brunswick twenty-four hours a day.

Cash Bail
If you are posting the cash bail, you can use cash, a Postal Money Order or a Certified Bank Check. Note that if the inmate has money in his/her jail account - that too can be used to post bail. In addition to the stated amount of the bail, there is an $50 filing fee for indictable charges.
Property Bail
You can post bail by placing a court lien against the equity in your New Jersey house. This can be done through the Criminal Finance Division of the County Courthouse (Paterson Street, New Brunswick). Please call the Criminal Finance Department at (732) 519-3494 in advance to learn all of the papers you will need.  Finally, there are filing fees of $30 if the property is in Middlesex County and $60 if the property is located in another New Jersey County.
Bail Bonds
When you post bail yourself (cash or property) you will get your money back at the end of the court proceedings. You can hire a Bail Bond Agency to post the bail. Please be aware that you have to pay for this service and you do not get your money back. You can find phone listings for Bail Bond Agencies in the yellow pages of the telephone book.

Office of Adult Corrections and Youth Services
Apple Orchard Lane
North Brunswick 08902
P.O. Box 266, New Brunswick, NJ 08903
Phone: 732-297-3636
Fax: 732-951-3322

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