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The Tuberculosis Control Program focus is to treat, prevent and reduce the spread of TB in Middlesex County. This is accomplished by monitoring all reported suspects/cases both in the private and public sectors. To ensure completion of treatment, all active clinic cases are enrolled in the Direct Observed Therapy Program (DOT) as dictated by the Clinic Physician.
Contact interviews are done on all suspected cases to identify those in need of testing. TB disease contacts are required by law to be examined, which is offered at the TB clinic or through home visitation. TB Testing, chest x-rays and prophylaxis treatment is also available for those identified as high risk, referred from schools or private physician. HIV counseling and testing is also offered to TB Program patients. The TB clinic also provides medical evaluation to all immigrants who require follow up.
The Tuberculosis program also provides community support and education. TB seminars are given on a regular basis for the school nurses and upon request for anyone in the medical community needing updated information.  The Center provides expert consultation through the medical doctors to area physicians and hospitals.

Tuberculosis Control Program                                                                                                                 
29 Oakwood Avenue
Edison, NJ 08837
 Phone number: (732) 321-5297
Fax Number: (732) 549-6451

​Tuberculosis Control Services
29 Oakwood Avenue
Edison, NJ 08837
Phone Number: (732)-321-5297
Fax: (732) 549-6451
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