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Water Management

Source reduction (the elimination, removal, or modification of larval mosquito habitats) has been the most effective and economical long-term method of mosquito control and is conducted through sanitation methods, water management and public education to prevent the occurrences of mosquito problems. Activities range from overturning discarded buckets and removing waste tires to performing large-scale water management projects on government lands. In the case of water management, project completion may require a large investment of time and other resources. To maximize efforts, much of our work focuses on improving, cleaning, and restoring existing storm water structures to combat some of the prolific mosquito larval habitats in the County. In doing so, the Commission seeks to minimize the need for insecticide applications in these areas and provide long-term protection for residents from nuisance and disease-carrying mosquitoes.

The Commission’s water management program provides a balanced operation of preventive and remedial water management projects to eliminate mosquito producing habitats throughout the County. By following recommendations in the “Best Management Practices for Mosquito Control and Freshwater Wetlands Management,” all water management projects are done with a minimal amount of temporary disturbance to the surrounding environment.  Re-vegetation of disturbed areas usually takes place within a few weeks of work being completed during the growing season. Water management projects are  carried out under the authorization of various permits issued by the NJ Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP).

-  Countywide General Permit 1 (GP1) allows drainage ditch cleaning projects and stormwater management facility maintenance within freshwater wetlands or State open waters.
-  Countywide Flood Hazard Area (FHA) General Permit 4 for maintenance of man-made drainage ditches and stormwater facilities. 
​-  Countywide Flood Hazard Area Individual Permit for the maintenance, repair, and replacement of lawfully-existing stormwater management structures and conveyance features, as well as conditional activities in demonstrated mosquito hazard areas within regulated waters, flood hazard areas, and riparian zones.
​-  Countywide Freshwater Wetlands General Permit Number 15 permits mosquito control water management activities and within freshwater wetlands, transition areas and/or State open waters  by a county mosquito agency or by a Federal agency on Federal land.
​​-  ​The Commission also conducts certain water management activities using several of the NJDEP’s Permits-by-Rule

The Commission also requires every property owner adjacent to the waterway involved to sign a Right-of-Entry (RoE) form allowing personnel and equipment access. All permits require the Commission to submit a detailed notification to concerned agencies for every project involving the removal of sediment. A number of water management projects are carried out with the cooperation of other county departments and local municipalities.

The Mosquito Commission's Excavators​
Ditch Cleaning in Edison

Debris Removal in Middlesex Borough

Stormwater Facility Cleaning in South Brunswick

Site Plan Reviews - Additionally the Commission reviews applications and plans submitted to the Middlesex County Planning Board Development Review Division for any potential mosquito issues. Occasionally, municipalities request Commission approval of proposed stormwater facilities not covered under the County Review Division. The Commission verifies proposed stormwater management systems follow County guidelines as well as the NJDEP’s  as stated in the NJDEP’s Stormwater Best Management Practices manual for any potential issues relating to mosquito production. Upon review of site plans, the Commission forwards a report to the County Planning Board with recommendations for revisions if necessary.

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