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All Middlesex County buildings will remain closed to the general public until further notice due to COVID-19. Only select County services are available on an appointment basis.
September 23, 2021 County Commissioner Meeting Notice: Due to the severe weather warning the meeting will now take place virtually; click here for more details.


As part of its responsibility to protect the health and safety of our more than 800,000 residents of Middlesex County, the Middlesex County Office of Health Services has established a number of mechanisms to provide emergency information throughout the county.  As part of this program, Middlesex County developed and implemented an Emergency Notification System that includes e-mails, FAX-Blasts, and voice messaging services through a computer-based system.  This emergency notification system is part of a larger national and state communication system, maintained by the New Jersey Department of Health, known as the New Jersey Local Network Information and Communication System or NJ-LINCS.  Middlesex County is one of twenty-two agencies that receives important information and disseminates this information to pertinent agencies within our jurisdiction.  Examples of the information we receive and distribute range from food recalls and communicable disease outbreaks to alerts from the NJ Office of Counter-Terrorism and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  This emergency notification system is provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. 
What is Middlesex County LINCS Health Alert Network?

The Health Alert Network…
• is a no cost, statewide public health emergency notification system that links together public health, health care, and community partners
• provides accurate public health information from reliable sources
• supports state and local public health emergency preparedness and response efforts
• is a secure, redundant, electronic communications system based on state of the art internet and wireless technologies.

What are the categories of Public Health Information?

• ALERTS  -  These are of the highest priority, indicating a real public health threat
• ADVISORIES – These types of messages indicate a potential public health threat
• UPDATES – These messages offer ongoing information about real or potential public health threats
• INFO – These messages share information that support planning and preparedness efforts, as well as share local opportunities for training and education

Where do LINCS messages obtain information from?

• NJ Department of Health
• Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
• Local LINCS Agencies
• NJ Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness
• NJ Poison Information and Education System
• US Food and Drug Administration
How can the Health Alert Network help you?
The Health Alert Network enhances the ability of public health and health care workers to quickly identify and contain diseases and hazardous conditions that threaten the health of the public. 
How can I register to receive LINCS messages?
If you or your facility would like to enroll in this free service, please complete the registration form and email, mail, or fax it to our LINCS Coordinator, Carrie Johnson.

For more information about the LINCS program please call 732-745-8923

Carrie Johnson
35 Kennedy Boulevard
East Brunswick, NJ 08816


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