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​The Middlesex County Fire Academy.  From 1992-2018 Celebrating 26 years of training and educating your local hero's!

Overseen by the Fire Marshal, the Middlesex County Fire Academy Staff consists of:

Senior Fire Instructor, Dave Petry
(p) 732-316-7175
Senior Fire Instructor, Robert Minkler Sr.
(p) 732-316-7176
Facility Coordinator, Linda Hopkins
(p) 732-316-7174
Student Coordinator, Mary McCormick
(p) 732-316-7170
Middlesex County Fire Marshal, Michael Gallagher
The Middlesex County Fire Academy is a 26 acre, state of the art training facility conveniently located in
Central New Jersey. Our facility, located at 1001 Fire Academy Drive, Sayreville, NJ 08872 is easily accessible from the Garden State Parkway, New Jersey Turnpike as well as other major highways.
The Middlesex County Fire Academy first opened its doors in 1992 and has since trained thousands firefighters and emergency response personnel not only from throughout New Jersey, but  from across the Country---even firefighters from as far away as Colombia, South America!  The Fire Academy provides classroom instruction and dynamic hands on training in all aspects of fire, rescue and hazardous materials response.
Our Training Facility includes four classrooms each of which can be divided in half by closing a separating wall.  The A side classroom has seating for 30 people. The B side classroom has seating for 40 people.  Use of the full class room can fit 70 people.  In addition to our classrooms, we have our Amphitheater that seats as many as one hundred and sixty five (165) people with newly updated state of the art audio/visual capabilities.

Our training grounds consist of: a three story burn building, five story training tower, strip mall, burn building, flammable liquid training area, flammable gas (propane) area, vehicle extrication area, various confined space training areas,  hazardous materials, industrial training areas as well as a drafting pond.  
2018 Spring Semester Courses Still Available:
                             Course #                       Class Dates                                      Fee In Cty               Out of Cty
Firefighter II     
                          D2-1002-18        8/13/2018-9/10/2018  (M-F) 8:00 AM            $210.00                  $289.00
Confined Space Awareness 
                          D2-1431-18          8/14/2018    TUES.  12:00 PM                          $42.00                    $52.00
 NEW!!  click here for the   2018 FALL Semester Course Schedule
The Middlesex County Fire Academy is pleased to provide our training course schedule for the FALL SEMESTER of 2018.  Above is the training course schedule that will enable you to plan and schedule your training courses.
Our course offerings include our Firefighter I, II and III programs.  Other than our firefighter series courses, many advanced firefighting and rescue courses are also offered such as:  RIC Awareness and Operations, Pump Operator, MVX Operations, Confined Space Operations, Rope Rescue Operations, Building Collapse Awareness, Trench Rescue Operations, Fire Inspector & Fire Official Certification, Fire Instructor Level II Certification & Recertification, Incident Management System (I-100, I-200, I-300, I-400 and I-700), Haz-Mat Incident and several Advanced Tactical Firefighting lecture and practical hands-on courses including the fire ground tactical and operations course series that have been part of our course curriculum.
Available this semester we will be offering two (2) Night Firefighter I courses, one (1) Daytime Weekday Firefighter I courses, one (1) Night Firefighter II course and one (1) Daytime Firefighter II course.  The Middlesex County Fire Academy will be using the  current New Jersey Division of Fire Safety approved Firefighter I and II training programs published by Jones and Bartlett for our Firefighter I and Firefighter II classes.         
                                                AFFF AND FLUORINE FREE (F-3) FOAM TRAINING     
                                           1 DAY TRAINING SEPTEMBER 7, 2018  OR SEPTEMBER 8, 2018
This program is intended for instructors, emergency management officials, firefighters, chief officers in need of guidance on AFFF and Fluorine free (F-3) Foams. Our presentation is designed to give attendees an appreciation of logistics needed to support firefighting and or spill security operations at fire or spill events where 50 to 5,000 gpm foam streams are required. The attendee will be introduced to the critical importance of stream reach, application techniques, foam quality, frequency of reapplication and environmental regulation issues associated with mass use of C-8 or C-6 AFFFs, and fluorine free foams. A briefing is planned on how to reduce the financial and environmental impact of training with foam. Underwriters Laboratory fire test demonstrations will show critical foam application techniques.
Due to an overwhelming demand during our 2018 Spring Semester, we will also be offering our "Pump Operator" and "MVX Operations" courses as an addition to our 2018 FALL SEMESTER course offerings.
The New Jersey Division of Fire Safety's  "Fire Officer I" course #01-1601-18 scheduled to start October 15, 2018 will be using the Jones & Bartlett Fire Officer Principals and Practice Curriculum 3rd edition.
We look forward to meeting all of your training needs and requirements with dedication and commitment at the Middlesex County Fire Academy and are anxiously anticipating the arrival of the upcoming semester.

All of the staff at the Middlesex County Fire Academy would like to thank you for your endless dedicated support year after year. 
If you should have any questions or  need further assistance, please do not hesitate to call the Middlesex County Fire Academy 732-727-0008.
                                                    FIRE SAFETY TRAILER

The Fire Safety Trailer is a mobile, travel trailer that is a scaled down to a kid sized, two-story house.  The trailer interior is designed with a walk through a kitchen, living room and bedroom.  As the students walk through, they are instructed to spot fire hazards and will practice simple methods of eliminating potentially dangerous situations. They will have the experience of feeling an actual ‘hot door’, a live fire demonstration and home sprinkler system activation.  At the conclusion of the tour, the students will be able to exit the ‘house’ by escape ladder as the trailer fills with non-toxic smoke making their experience both educational and fun!         Use of the Fire Safety Trailer (application)


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Office of Emergency Management, Communications and Preparedness
Bureau of the Fire Marshal
1001 Fire Academy Drive
Sayreville, NJ  08872
Phone Number: (732) 727-0008
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