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Service Alert: Due to the rain, the Roosevelt Park Family Ice Skating Rink will be closed Sunday, December 16, 2018.


The Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) is a strategic framework that identifies priority health issues and strategies to address the complex and persistent health challenges that affect residents of Middlesex County. The 2013 project was led by collaboration between St. Peters University Hospital and Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital. The process also involved over 65 community partners including the Middlesex County Office of Health Services, local health officers, public health agencies and other community organizations with experts committed to improving community health.
Through this collaborative  process, community linkages and resources were identified and assessed , therefore, aiming to efficiently enhance many of the health initiatives that are currently available to residents of the county.
The priority health issues identified through the CHIP process were: 
 • Coordination of Communication among Community Partners
• Access to Health Care and Information
• Promoting Healthy Behaviors
• Disease Specific Issues: Focus on Obesity, Diabetes and Mental Health
For more information about the CHIP report, visit us


Twyla Paige
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