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The Middlesex County Sheriff’s Office attained Accreditation status October 1, 2013. For a law Enforcement Agency to become a New State Chiefs of Police Association Accredited agency they must first undergo a thorough review and overhaul of their current policies and procedures. Once the Agencies policies have been revised to reflect the best law enforcement practices set forth by the NJSCPA it’s now time to practice what you preach. This process includes electronically issuing all staff members the new policies to review and maintain in their own individual data bases.

Next all staff member are periodically trained in many new and improved methods of accomplishing the numerous job functions they carry out on a daily basis. These new and improved methods enable the department to function in a much safer, more professional and efficient manner that greatly benefits the Department as well as the citizens of Middlesex County.
The last Phase in attaining Accreditation status exists in a 2 day inspection of the department conducted by the NJSCOP Assessors. This includes thorough inspections of our Evidence vault, Armory, department vehicles, holding cells and all reports generated by this agency. The Assessors also observe our day to day operations to ensure we are operating in compliance with all our newly enacted policies.
The Middlesex County Sheriff’s Office is proud to be one of only 11 accredited Sheriff’s Offices in the State.
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