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All Middlesex County buildings will remain closed to the general public until further notice due to COVID-19. Only select County services are available on an appointment basis.
Johnson and Donaldson Parks are open with limited services and amenities. For more information, click here.


Influenza (flu) severity varies from year to year, but flu always brings serious consequences.
  The prevention of influenza is important every year, but the COVID-19 pandemic means preventing influenza during 2020–21 is more important than ever. Although the effectiveness of the flu vaccine can vary, overall, the vaccine significantly lowers the risk of influenza-related illness, hospitalization, and death.


Influenza and COVID-19 share many symptoms. Both COVID-19 and flu can spread from person-to-person, between people who are in close contact with one another (within about 6 feet). Both are spread mainly by droplets made when people with the illness (COVID-19 or flu) cough, sneeze, or talk.  Both are respiratory illnesses that are contagious, but because they are caused by different viruses, it is possible to have both at the same time.​  The biggest difference, however, is that unlike COVID-19, there IS a vaccine to help protect yourself and loved ones from flu.


Habits that help reduce the spread of flu include:

  • Get a seasonal Flu shot every year.
  • Wear a mask in public or when within 6 feet of other individuals.
  • Stay home when you are sick.
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
  • Clean your hands often.  (Keep alcohol-based hand sanitizers in your purse, car, and backpack, when soap and water is not available.)
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth as much as possible.
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when you cough or sneeze, and then throw away your used tissue.
  • Get regular exercise, enough rest, and eat healthy, balanced meals.


The Middlesex County Office of Health Services will be offering FREE flu shots to Middlesex County residents 6 months of age and over that meet a set of criteria.


If resident is medically approved to receive the flu vaccine offered (Afluria Quadrivalent), they can make an appointment through the online system and attend one of the clinis being offered.    The next available date(s) is/are listed below:


Middlesex County Health Services'

FREE Flu Clinic Location



Flu Clinic Date


New Brunswick

(Walk-Up Clinic)


The Heldrich Hotel 

10 Livingston Ave​

New Brunswick



Friday, November 13th


(Drive-Through Clinic)


Carteret Fire Department

240 Roosevelt Avenue​


 for more information: 

click here

or call 732-541-3890

​​  ​​


Monday, November 16th


(Drive-Through Clinic)


1 Ericsson Drive



Wednesday, November 18th  

New Brunswick

(Walk-Up Clinic)


The Heldrich Hotel 

10 Livingston Ave

New Brunswick

Monday, November 23rd

To receive your free flu shot:

  1. Complete the form located at
  2. Print the completed Dispense Assist voucher
  3. Make an appointment
  4. Come to Piscataway at designated time with a photo ID and your dispense assist voucher printout

Residents wishing to determine eligibility and make an appointment should visit​ to register and receive a time to report to the clinic site.

If the resident wishing to get a vaccine does not have access to the internet or has connectivity problems, they are instructed to call 732-745-3100 to make an appointment. Appointments can be made for a clinic day indicated on the table above, and continue until appointment slots fill up, or until the evening  prior to the clinic date.  PLEASE NOTE: The Middlesex County Office of Health Services is closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

Due to the designated number of vaccines available, reservations are not rebooked for cancellations or no shows. Do not reserve an appointment unless you are planning to attend the flu clinic.



To receive a free flu shot, you must:

  • Be a Middlesex County resident (proof of residency is required - including, but not limited to: a valid driver’s license; state issued identification; or two pieces of mail including utility bills, bank statements, or similar documentation with name and address)
  • Be eligible to receive the flu vaccine offered  (Afluria Quadrivalentas determined by a provided medical questionnaire 
  • Make an appointment online or via phone
  • Have a printed dispense assist voucher for each individual registered.
  • It is advised that you wear clothing that can be removed or adjusted to provide access to one's upper arm/shoulder area. 
​​Middlesex County residents should visit to register and receive a time to report to the clinic site.  Registrants must bring their dispense assist voucher and proof of residency including, but not limited to: a valid driver’s license; state issued identification; or two pieces of mail including utility bills, bank statements, or similar documentation with name and address, to the testing site.


If the person is not a Middlesex County resident, does not have a scheduled appointment, and/or does not have their dispense assist voucher printed out, they will not receive the flu shot.  For the drive through clinics, there is maximum limit of four (4) individuals per vehicle.  For the walk-up clinics, please note that parking is limited and residents will be waiting/standing outdoors.  Please planand dress accordingly.

For additional information please call the Middlesex County Office of Health Services at 732-745-3100.​



Click here​ to register to get a free flu shot

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