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The Middlesex County Transportation Coordinating Committee (TCC) was formalized and established by the Board of Chosen Freeholders in 1976 in response to legislation governing the federally funded Subregional Transportation Planning Program which calls for direct participation of the general public, citizen groups, locally elected officials and transportation providers in the process of making transportation decisions. The TCC also serves as the official advisory body to the Middlesex County Board of Chosen Freeholders on transportation issues and especially on projects and programs that are federally funded.

Such programs include the ongoing federally funded Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) that is coordinated by the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority (NJTPA) with the participation of the affected Counties and other subregions, the New Jersey Department of Transportation, New Jersey Transit and other regional transportation agencies. This program contains a wide range of transportation proposals including highway, bridge, intersection, transit improvements and other programs of both local and regional significance. The TCC also reviews and provides input on the periodic update of the County's Transportation Plan and other major projects and studies. Meetings of the TCC provide a forum for public discussion of various transportation projects and issues of concern or interest; and a means to inform the public, and help advance improvements for appropriate action. The TCC also invites key transportation officials and professionals for presentations of major transportation programs in the region.

Membership of the TCC includes representation from the Board of Chosen Freeholders, the County's 25 municipalities, the County's State Legislative delegation and congressional representatives, transit providers, the education and business community, citizens at large, and other State, regional and County agencies affecting transportation services and infrastructure.

For further information on the Middlesex County TCC call 732-745-3835.
Paul Larrousse, Chairman
Thomas Vigna, Vice Chairman
Charles Kenny, Freeholder Liaison 
2018 ​Agenda ​Minutes
January 23rd​ Agenda Minutes
​February 27th Agenda Minutes
​March 27th Agenda Minutes
​April 24th Agenda Minutes
​May 22nd Agenda Minutes
​June 26th Agenda Minutes
​September 25th
​October 23rd
​November 27th
​2017 ​Agenda ​Minutes
January 24th​ Agenda Minutes
​February 28th Agenda Minutes
​March 28th meeting cancelled
​April 25th Agenda Minutes
​May 23rd Agenda Minutes​
​June 27th Agenda​ Minutes
​September 26th Agenda Minutes
​October 24th Agenda Minutes​
​November 28th meeting cancelled
​2016 ​Agenda ​Minutes
January 26th​ meeting cancelled
February 23rd​ Agenda ​Minutes
​March 22nd ​Agenda Minutes
​April 26th Agenda Minutes
​May 24th ​Agenda Minutes
​June 28th meeting cancelled
​September 27th Agenda ​Minutes
​October 25th Agenda ​Minutes
​November 22nd meeting cancelled
​2015 ​Agenda ​Minutes
January 27th​ meeting cancelled
​February 24th Agenda Minutes​
​March 24th Agenda ​Minutes
April 28th​ ​Agenda ​Minutes
​May 26th ​Agenda ​Minutes
​June 23rd ​meeting cancelled
​September 22nd ​meeting cancelled 
September 29th Agenda Minutes
​October 27th ​meeting cancelled
​November 24th ​meeting cancelled
Meetings are held 2:00 p.m. at the Middlesex County Administration Building. Members will be notified by mail and electronically of any changes in scheduling. During inclement weather, cancellations will be announced on New Brunswick Radio Station 1450 WCTC/AM. Members will be notified at least two weeks in advance of the meeting date.
Middlesex County Administration Building
Freeholders' Meeting Room
75 Bayard Street, First Floor
New Brunswick, NJ 08901

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