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The Middlesex County Office of Planning has many publications, documents and maps available for review.  Listed below are publications, documents and maps that are being made available to the public for downloading. Click on the title of the item that you would like to download. Publications and maps that are not available for downloading may be requested by visiting the OPRA Request page
Environmental Sustainability 
Farmland Preservation  
Water Resources
Development Review
Land Subdivision Resolution (Chapter X)
Middlesex County Standard Details (to be used within Middlesex County Right-of-Way)
ADA Checklists
Spatial Data Services 
Aerial Photos
Aerial Photos for the years 1962, 1967, 1974, 1980, 1987 & 1998 are available as JPEG digital images.  Please call  732-745-3499 to arrange a file transfer. 
Middlesex County Annual Reports on Transportation
2014 Annual Report

Transportation Division Plans and Studies
New Horizons in Mobility: Middlesex County Transportation Plan Element of the County Comprehensive Master Plan (2013) Transportation Master Plan          Appendices 
Middlesex County’s “New Horizons in Mobility” Transportation Plan provides a vision of enhanced mobility for all users.  Adopted by the Middlesex County Planning Board on September 10, 2013, the Plan helps to guide transportation planning in the County and supports a balanced and intermodal transportation system within the framework of defined goals.  The intent is to improve transportation choices, safety, provide a system of good repair, access to jobs, environmental improvements, economic competitiveness, and a system that accommodates all users and modes of travel.
The development of this Plan along with prior area or corridor specific studies were done under the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority (NJTPA) federally funded Subregional Studies Program.
Proposed and Completed Projects by Subregion and Municipality (2013)
Download HERE
This is a supplement to the County’s Transportation Plan providing project descriptions and related graphical illustrations by municipality and sub-county areas for proposed projects included in the Transportation Plan along with projects completed since the adoption of the previous Transportation Plan.
Middlesex County Route 9 Corridor Transit Linkages Study (2011) 
Final Report (without large maps)            Fold-out Maps 'A' thru 'H'           Appendices
This Study examined potential improvements to transit network operations along the Route 9 Corridor in Middlesex County by connecting local transit services to regional transit services, along the State’s second busiest bus corridor. The corridor has peak period service of one bus every two minutes. Reducing the level of auto commuting and congestion, and increasing the level of accessibility to regional transit and to jobs were among the study’s chief goals. The findings were addressed in a set of recommendations designed to capture underserved areas with new or improved local shuttle route designs.  The implementation of the Middlesex County Area Transit (MCAT) M-7 bus route was among the recommendations from this study.
Southern Middlesex County Transit Needs and Service Enhancement Study (2009) 
Final Report          Appendices
This study responded to prior requests for the expansion of transit services in unserved or underserved areas of southern Middlesex County based on new growth that has occurred in that area of the County over the last decade.  Some of the  transit initiatives in southern Middlesex County that were implemented within the period of 2009 and 2012, such as the implementation of the Middlesex County Area Transit (MCAT) M-6 bus service extending to much of the southern County area, were in accordance with the recommendations of this Study.
Route 18 Corridor Old Bridge Township: Pedestrian Safety, Transit Enhancement, Park & Ride and Commuter Shuttle Service (2007)
Final Report Part 1          Final Report Part 2
This Study was done as a sequel of the prior 2005 Study to extend the pedestrian crossing  analysis further south through Old Bridge Township, and to examine the feasibility of establishing a park and ride facility in the vicinity of the Route 18 and Route 9 interchange along with peak period express bus service to New Brunswick.  The study examines alternative travel routes between the proposed park and ride in Old Bridge and downtown New Brunswick for new service that could draw transit trips originating at the park and ride facility and from points south along Route 9. This service could provide also access to Northeast rail Corridor points and hence serve on a limited basis as a bus potential alternative to the rail version of the proposed Monmouth – Ocean- Middlesex (MOM) transit project.
Route 18 Pedestrian Crossing Study to Enhance Safety and Public Transit Use (2005) 
Final Report          Appendices 
This study looked at the need to improve crosswalk accommodations for pedestrians at over a dozen busy intersections along the Route 18 Corridor in East Brunswick and to enable safer access to nearby residential, shopping, transit and employment facilities and services.  The findings and recommendations of this study provided the basis for pedestrian safety improvements at the intersection of Route 18 and Edgeboro Road – CR 527 that were implemented by NJDOT in early 2013. The appendices include a compendium of information including existing traffic conditions at the time of the study and proposed recommendations derived from the Study.
Middlesex County Bicycle-Pedestrian Plan (2002) 
Final Report          Appendices 
This Plan provides a County subregional focus on bicycle and pedestrian initiatives, projects, and programs, many of which were re-addressed in the 2013 Transportation Plan Update, New Horizons in Mobility.  The Plan also includes design guidelines that can assist in the initiation of projects.
Preserving Rail Rights of Way in Middlesex County (1997) 
This study provides an inventory of railroad facilities throughout Middlesex County including coverage and aerial photos taken during the study of various freight and short line facilities existing in the County. It also identifies rail lines or rail line segments which were abandoned and their alternatives uses for such possible facilities including access roads, trails, or public / private facilities.
Updates the prior County Transit Guide of 2013 and serves as one of the collaborative efforts of the County Office of Planning and Keep Middlesex Moving (KMM), the County Transportation Management Association.  The Map includes a comprehensive illustration of all local, regional and interstate bus routes that serve Middlesex County; key adjacent points bordering the County; the NJ Transit passenger rail lines along the Northeast Corridor Line, North Jersey Coast Line and Raritan Valley Line; and Amtrak service.
The Guide also provides a description in both English and Spanish of useful information to transit riders.  This includes bus boarding procedures and use of the rail system; fares; special programs; transfers; senior/disabled resident provisions; services to Newark International Airport and Atlantic City; and listings of the various service providers and their respective routes, bus ticket agents, and related web sites and telephone numbers.
Middlesex County Bicycling Guide: 2010 Edition 
Bicycling Guide Map [front]           Points of Information / Ride Safely [back] 
This Guide describes off road and on road bicycle facilities within Middlesex County; type of roadway; speed limit; restricted highways for bicycling; rail and bus park-and-ride facilities; and location of points of interest such as municipal facilities, historical attractions, public libraries, museums, hospitals, parks and open spaces, college campuses and corporate parks that can attract bicycle trips.  The Guide also provides information on the use of bicycles on trains and buses, location of bicycle lockers, safe riding tips, and State laws governing bicycle riding and safe practices.


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