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Effective 10-23-17: Due to construction, the M1 Shuttle will not stop at the North Brunswick Walmart. Passengers may use NJ Transit Bus Line 814 from the North Brunswick Shopping Center to get to the North Brunswick Walmart.


The Division of Development Review is responsible for reviewing all development proposals (i.e subdivision and site plan applications) to determine whether County roads/property and/or drainage facilities would be adversely affected. The Division serves as staff to the Planning Board’s Development Review Committee. Reviews are carried out for a fee, in accordance with County Subdivision and Site Plan Resolutions which are adopted by the Board of Chosen Freeholders and are based on and in accordance with the New Jersey County Enabling Act. This allows the County to assess developers for contributions for downstream drainage improvements and requires developers to install and bond for the required improvements to County Roads and Facilities. Our objective is to reduce hazards to the general public caused by unsafe traffic conditions and / or flooding. Public inquiries regarding application procedures and/or development activity may be directed to 732-745-3812.
• What is reviewed?
     o All Subdivisions
     o Site Plans
    County Roads & County Drainage Facilities
• Goals
    o Safe Road Development, Proper Drainage Facilities & Save Taxpayer's Money
Categories of Planning Board Review
• Site Plans
• Exempt Site Plans
• Sketch Plat (Minor Subdivisions)
• Preliminary Subdivisions
• Final Subdivisions
The submission of plans, reports, application and fees are submitted. The staff formalizes the submission and the application fee is submitted for deposit to the Treasurer’s Office.
The applications and plans are submitted to the County Engineer, Roads, Mosquito Extermination Commission and Parks for review and approval with comments.
The application is tentatively placed on the agenda for consideration by the Development Review Committee at its regular public meeting.
After meeting the conditions, improvements and/or requirements shown on the staff report, the report is written in letter format to the Applicant, Owner, Applicant’s Attorney and Applicant’s Engineer, and to the appropriate County Departments and/or Offices.
Public inquires regarding application procedures and/or development activity may be directed to 732-745-3812.
Middlesex County Standard Details (to be used within Middlesex County Right-of-Way)
ADA Checklists
Development Review Summary 
Development Review Summary January 2006 - May 2017
Monthly Reports
​Month, Year Report​
January 2017​ Click Here
February 2017​ Click Here
March 2017 Click Here
April 2017 Click Here
​May 2017 Click Here
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​Month, Year Report​
January 2016​ ​Click Here
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April 2016​ Click Here
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​2016 Annual Report Click Here​
​Month, Year ​Report
January 2015​ ​Click Here
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​2015 Annual Report Click Here
​Month, Year ​Report
January 2014​ Click Here
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​Month, Year ​Report
December 2013​ Click Here
Municipal Assignments  
​Aaron Kardon ​Jim Lentino Stan Olszewski​ Jeanette Tugya​
Senior Planner​ ​Principal Planner ​Supervisor Senior Planner​
​732-745-4006 ​732-745-3066 ​732-745-3963 ​732-745-4266
Carteret​ ​East Brunswick ​Old Bridge Cranbury​
​Edison ​Helmetta ​Sayreville ​Dunellen
​Highland Park ​Jamesburg ​South Amboy ​Middlesex
​Metuchen ​Milltown ​South River ​New Brunswick
​Perth Amboy ​Monroe ​North Brunswick
​South Plainfield ​South Brunswick ​Piscataway
​Woodbridge Spotswood ​Plainsboro

​Office of Planning
County Administration Building
5th Floor
75 Bayard Street
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
Phone: 732-745-3812
Fax: 732-745-8443

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