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The Division of Development Review reviews all subdivision and site plan applications and has the power to approve or reject applications which adversely affect a County road and/or County drainage facility.
The Division of Development Review is responsible for reviewing development proposals (i.e. Subdivision and Site Plan Applications) to determine whether County roads/property and or drainage facilities would be adversely affected. Our objective is to reduce hazards to the general public caused by unsafe traffic conditions and or flooding.
The Division serves as staff to the Planning Board’s Development Review Committee.
Reviews are carried out for a fee, in accordance with County Subdivision and Site Plan Resolutions, which are based on, and in conformance with the New Jersey County Enabling Act. This allows the County to assess developers for contributions for downstream drainage improvements, and requires developers to install and bond for the required improvements to County roads and facilities. 
40:27-6.2. Review and approval of all subdivisions of land; procedures; engineering and planning standards
The board of freeholders of any county having a county planning board shall provide for the review of all subdivisions of land within the county by said county planning board and for the approval of those subdivisions affecting county road or drainage facilities as set forth and limited hereinafter in this section. Such review or approval shall be in accordance with procedures and engineering and planning standards adopted by resolution of the Board of Chosen Freeholders.
40:27-6.6. Review and approval of site plans for land development along county roads or affecting county drainage facilities.
The governing body of any county having a county planning board may provide for the review of site plans for land development along county roads or affecting county drainage facilities as provided in subsection e. of this section and for the approval of such development as hereinafter set forth and limited for the purpose of assuring a safe and efficient county road system. Such review and approval shall be in conformance with procedures and standards adopted by resolution or ordinance as appropriate of the governing body. Notice of the public hearing on a proposed resolution or ordinance of the governing body establishing procedures and standards to govern the review and regulation of land development along county roads or affecting county drainage facilities as provided in subsection e. of this section, and a copy of such resolution or ordinance, shall be given by delivery or by certified mail to the municipal clerk, secretary of the planning board and secretary of the board of adjustment of each municipality in the county at least 10 days prior to such hearing.
As referenced above in 40:27-6.2, 6.6 of the County Enabling Act and administered by the Planning Board of the County of Middlesex in accordance with Chapter 285 of the Laws of 1968. The County Planning Board shall by resolution vest its powers to review and approve subdivisions with Director of County Planning and a designated committee of members of the County Planning Board, all members of the Committee however to have one vote. Said Committee shall include the County Engineer or in his absence the Assistant County Engineer. A quorum of the Committee shall have the right to act in the name of the Committee. The quorum shall be composed of a majority of Committee members. There must be three affirmative votes to approve an application. The Director of Office of Planning, or in his absence the Acting Director, must attend all official meetings of the Committee and participate in voting. The Committee shall be composed of five members.
Matthew Vaughn, Chairman
Thomas Pollando, Vice Chairman
Freeholder Director Ronald G. Rios
Freeholder Charles Kenny
Richard Wallner, County Engineer
Jason Friedman
Rani Goomer
Jonathan Kopf
William Thomas III
Eric Wong, Alternate Member
George M. Ververides, Director, Office of Planning
Steven D. Cahn, Esq, Counsel
Brenda Bleacher, Development Review Secretary
Meeting Schedule and Minutes -- all meetings begin at 3:00 p.m.
January 19, 2018        Minutes         
​February 13, 2018 Minutes
​March 13, 2018 Minutes
​April 10, 2018 Minutes
​May 8, 2018 Minutes​
​June 12, 2018 Minutes
​July 10, 2018 Minutes
​August 14, 2018 Minutes
​September 11, 2018 Minutes​
​October 9, 2018
​November 13, 2018
​December 11, 2018
January 10, 2017 ​Minutes
​February 14, 2017 ​Minutes
​March 28, 2017 ​Minutes
​April 11, 2017 ​Minutes
​May 9, 2017 Minutes
​June 13, 2017 Minutes
​July 9, 2017 Minutes​
​August 8, 2017 Minutes​
​September 12, 2017 Minutes
​October 10, 2017 ​Minutes
​November 14, 2017 Minutes​
​December 12, 2017 Minutes
Meeting Location
Middlesex County Administration Building
Freeholder Meeting Room 
75 Bayard Street, 1st Floor
New Brunswick, NJ 08901

​Office of Planning
Division of Development Review
County Administration Building
5th Floor
75 Bayard Street 
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
Phone: 732-745-3812
Fax: 732-745-8443

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