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The County has extended the deadline for opting out of receiving a Vote by Mail (“VBM”) ballot for the 11/5/19 General Election and all future elections until 12 pm EST, on Friday, 9/20/19.


​​The Transportation & Traffic Section does both roadway and intersection design. This group develops plans for the improvement of the 320 miles of County roads and develops plans for the improvement and signalization of County intersections. There are 183 County-owned and maintained traffic signals and an additional 74 County owned and State maintained traffic signals.
In 1970 there was only one County owned traffic signal. 
Current Intersection Design/Construction Projects
​Main GIS Facility No. ​Project ​Municipality
​Modifications/Upgrade to Traffic Signals, North ​Various
​CAR005 ​Roosevelt Ave. & Minue St./Post Blvd. ​Carteret
​CRA003 ​​South River-Cranbury Rd./Prospect Plains Rd. ​Cranbury
​CRA004 ​​Main St. & Plainsboro Rd. ​Cranbury
​EBR005 ​Old Bridge Turnpike & Main St. ​East Brunswick
​EBR025 ​Ryders La. & Sullivan Way​ ​East Brunswick
​EBR029 ​​Riva Ave. & Church La. ​East Brunswick
​EBR032 ​Cranbury Rd. & Lexington Ave. & Cornwall Dr. ​East Brunswick
​EBR033 ​Ryders La. & Ryders Crossing South Dr. ​East Brunswick/Milltown 
​EBR034 ​Cranbury Rd. & Evergreen Blvd.​ ​East Brunswick
​EBR036 ​​Ryders La. & Civic Center Dr. ​East Brunswick
​​EBR003  EBR016 ​​[Old Bridge Tpk. & Milltown Rd./Hillside Ave.][Old Bridge Tpk. & Main St./Cranbury Rd.][Main St. & Hillside Ave.] ​East Brunswick/South River
​EDI026 ​Oak Tree Rd. & Woodland Ave.  ​Edison/South Plainfield
​EDI029 ​Inman Ave. & Grove Ave. ​Edison
​EDI031 ​​Oak Tree Rd. & Oak Tree Shopping Center ​Edison
​EDI032 ​Oak Tree Rd. & Grove Ave.​ ​Edison
​EDI033 ​Oak Tree Rd. & Wood Ave. ​Edison
​EDI046 ​Park Ave., Talmadge Rd. & Woodbrook  ​Edison
​EDI048 ​Woodbridge Ave. & NY Times ​Edison
​EDI050 ​New Dover Ave. & Wood Ave.  ​Woodbridge/Edison
​EDI053 ​​Riverside Dr. & Parkway Place Extension ​Edison
​EDI055 ​Woodbridge Ave. & May St.​ Edison​
​EDI514 ​​Woodbridge Ave. Ramp to King Georges Post Road ​Edison
​WBR040 ​​Riverside Dr. & Clearview Rd. ​Edison
​JAM001 ​​Half Acre Rd. & Forsgate Dr. ​Jamesburg
​MET006 ​Plainfield Ave. & Central Ave. ​Metuchen
​MET010 ​Durham Ave. & Central Ave. ​Metuchen
​MET011 ​New Durham Ave/John St./Bridge St. ​Metuchen
​MIL001 ​Main St./Washington, Main/Boream/Ochs ​Milltown
​MIL004 ​South Main St. & East Mill Rd.  ​Milltown
​MON002 ​Prospect Plains Rd. & Applegarth Rd. ​Monroe
​MON003 ​Applegarth Rd./Cranbury Half Acre Rd. ​Monroe
​MON007 ​​Prospect Plains Rd./Union Valley/Half Acre. Rd/Half Acre Rd. ​Monroe
​MON008 ​Schoolhouse Rd. & CR 522 ​Monroe
​MON010 ​Prospect Plains Rd. & Perrineville Rd. ​Monroe
​MON017 ​Perrineville Rd. & Union Valley Rd. ​Monroe
​MON022 ​Perrineville Rd. (CR 625) and Federal Rd. ​Monroe
​MON023 ​Applegarth Rd. & Clearbrook Plaza ​Monroe
​NBR014 NBR026 ​French St. & Suydam & French St., Jersey Ave., Handy St. & Alexander St.​ ​New Brunswick
​NBR030 ​French St. & Paterson St. & Hospital Dwy. ​New Brunswick
​NOB011 ​​Cozzen's La. & Hartland Commons ​North Brunswick
​OBR005 ​​Route 516 & Morganville Rd. ​Old Bridge
​PIS014 ​Stelton Rd. & New Brunswick Ave. ​Piscataway
​PIS022 ​West 7th & Rock Ave. ​Piscataway
​PIS023 ​West 7th & Walnut St. ​Piscataway
​PIS044 ​New Brunswick Ave. & Carlton Ave.​ ​Piscataway/South Plainfield
​PIS052 ​​Intersection of New Durham Ave. & Corporate Blvd. ​Piscataway/South Plainfield
​PLA008 ​Scudders Mill Rd. & Bristol Meyers Squibb/Merrill Lynch Drive ​Plainsboro
​PLA010 ​Dey Rd. & Scotts Corner Rd. ​Plainsboro
​SAY008 ​Washington Ave. & Jernee Mill Rd./Mac Arthur Ave. ​Sayreville
​SAY009 ​Main St. & Crossman Ave.​ ​Sayreville
​SAY012 ​​Main St. & Pulaski Ave. ​Sayreville
​SAY016 ​Main St. and White Oak Dr. ​Sayreville
​OBR015 ​​Jernee Mill Rd. & Bordentown Ave.  ​Sayreville/Old Bridge
​SBR010 ​New Rd. & CR 522 ​South Brunswick
​SBR013 ​​Georges Rd. & Kingston La. ​South Brunswick
​SBR016 ​​Route 522 & Georges Rd. ​South Brunswick
​SBR017 ​Summerhill Blvd./Scenic Dr. & CR 522 ​South Brunswick
​SPL002 ​Park Ave. & Maple Ave. ​South Plainfield
​SPL015 ​​South Clinton Ave. & New Market Rd. ​South Plainfield
​SPL016 ​​Maple Ave. & Front St. ​South Plainfield
​WBR001 ​Rahway Ave. & Omar Ave. ​Woodbridge
​WBR004 ​Main St. & Route 9 ​Woodbridge
​WBR006 ​Main St. & Mary Ave. ​Woodbridge
​WBR037 Main St. & Howell Ave.​ ​Woodbridge
​WBR038 ​Middlesex Essex Turnpike & Metro Park East ​Woodbridge
​WBR039 ​Middlesex Essex & Metro Park West Exit ​Woodbridge
​WBR041 ​​Wood Ave. South & Metro Corporate Plaza Dr. ​Woodbridge
​WBR042 ​Rahway Ave. & Homested Ave. ​Woodbridge
WBR044 ​Wood Ave. South & Prudential Dr. & Hilton Driveway ​Woodbridge
​WBR050 WBR051 WBR052 ​Woodbridge Center Dr. Traffic Signal Improvements ​Woodbridge
​WBR053 ​Woodbridge Center Dr. & Town Square Dwy. ​Woodbridge
WBR054 Wood Ave. South & Hilton Driveway & Siemens Driveway Woodbridge
Current Road Design/Construction Projects
​Main GIS Facility No. ​Project ​Municipality
​DUN529 ​Improvements to Washington Ave., Route 28 to Dunellen Line ​Dunellen
​EDI529 ​Plainfield Ave./Stelton Rd. Widening ​Edison/Piscataway
​WBR604 ​​Oak Tree Rd. from Grove Ave. to New Dover Rd. ​Edison/South Plainfield
​PIS622 ​​River Rd., from Hoes La. to Overbrook Rd. Safe Moves ​Piscataway/Highland Park
​MON614 ​Prospect Plains from Half Acre to NJ Turnpike ​Monroe
CRA614 ​Prospect Plains Rd. from NJ Turnpike to Half Acre Rd. ​Monroe/Cranbury
​NBR691 ​​Livingston Ave. from Mile Run to New St. Road Diet ​New Brunswick
OBR516​ ​Route 516 Drainage from Jake Brown to White Oak La. ​Old Bridge
​OBR520 ​​Texas Rd., Route 9 to Route 527 ​Old Bridge
​PIS529 ​​Stelton Rd. Improvements from New Durham Rd. to Melrose Ave. ​Piscataway
​PIS529 ​Washington Ave. from Bridge 2-B-138 New Market Lake to Dunellen Line Piscataway​
​PIS529 ​​Stelton Rd., Lakeview to Cumberland ​Piscataway
PIS529 ​Washington Ave. from Cumberland Rd. to Lakeview Ave. Piscataway
​PIS622 ​River Rd. from 287 to Netherwood Ave. ​Piscataway
​PIS622 ​River Rd. from Plainfield Ave. to John Field Court ​Piscataway
​PIS601 ​West Seventh Ave. from Washington Ave. to Clinton Ave. ​Piscataway/South Plainfield
DUN665 New Market Rd. from the consolidated Railroad Tracks to Washington Ave. ​Piscataway, Dunellen
​PLA008 ​Scudders Mill & Novo Nordisk (Bristol Meyers Squib) ​Plainsboro
SAY686 Scott Ave. Drainage ​Sayreville
​MON522 ​​County Route 522, from Rt. 130 to Cranbury-South River Rd. ​South Brunswick/Monroe
​WBR602 ​Improvements to Inman Ave. Jordan Rd. to West Ave. ​Woodbridge
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