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The Bridges & Dams and Subdivision & Site Plan Section monitors the condition of the County’s 175 bridges and 329 culverts. They also design replacement bridges and monitor construction of new bridges and culverts. The Bridges and Dams section also is responsible for five county owned dams and flood control projects.
The Subdivision & Site Plan Section works in conjunction with the County Office of Planning Division of Development Review  to review all subdivision and site plans submitted for approval. The basic guidelines for review are outlined in the Middlesex County Land Subdivision and Site Plan Resolution. The engineering review primarily covers three aspects, drainage, ADA compliance, and traffic. The section utilizes the special knowledge and experience of the other sections of the office.
Middlesex County Standard Details (to be used within Middlesex County Right-of-Way)
ADA Checklists
Current Design/Construction Projects
​Main GIS Facility No. ​Project Municipality​
​124C108 ​Culvert 4-C-108 South Main St. ​Cranbury
​​122C151 ​​Culvert 2-C-151 So. Madison Ave. over Bonygutt Blvd. ​Dunellen
​​122C144 ​Culvert 2-C-144 Gertrude Terrace ​Dunellen
​​121C124 ​Culvert 1-C-124 Orchard Rd. over Mill Brook ​Edison
​122C652 ​​Culvert 2-C-652 North Eight Ave. ​Edison
​​125C102 ​​Culvert 5-C-102 Main St. over Trib. Manalapan Brook ​Helmetta
​125C103 ​​Culvert 5-C-103 Main St. ​Helmetta
​​122C238 ​Culvert 2-C-238 Lincoln Ave. ​Highland Park
​​122B160 ​​Bridge 2-B-160 Baekeland Ave. over Ambrose Brook ​Middlesex/Piscataway
​​123C137 ​​Culvert 3-C-137 Fresh Ponds/Kuhlthan Ave. ​Milltown/East Brunswick
​​125C056 ​Culverts 5-C-56, 5-C-57, 5-C-58 Spotswood Englishtown Rd. ​Monroe
​​125C503 ​​Culverts 5-C-503 Carter Dr. ​Monroe
​125C051 ​Culvert 5-C-51 Spotswood Englishtown Rd. ​Monroe
​125C601 ​​Culvert 5-C-601 Rhode Hall Rd. (CR 522) ​Monroe
​​123C501 ​​Culvert 3-C-501 Triangle Rd. ​New Brunswick
​123B146 ​Bridge 3-B-146 Burnett St. ​New/East Brunswick
​​124C509 ​Culvert 4-C-509 Hidden Lake Dr. ​North Brunswick
​​123C031 ​Culvert 3-C-31, 3-C-32 & 3-P-33 Cottrell Rd. over Tennants & Warnes Brooks ​Old Bridge
​​122C145 ​Culvert 2-C-145 South Ave. over Bonegut Brook  ​Piscataway/Dunellen
​122C142 ​​Culvert 2-C-142 Pulaski St. over Bonygutt Brook ​Piscataway
​122C529 ​Culvert 2-C-529 Zirkel Ave. over Branch Ambrose Brook ​Piscataway
​​122B129 ​Culvert 2-C-129 South Randolphville Rd. ​Piscataway
​122C610 ​Culvert 2-C-610 Stratton Ave. ​Piscataway
​​123C073 ​​Culvert 3-C-73 Jernee Mill Rd.  ​Sayreville
​​124C521 ​Culvert 4-C-521 & 4-C-522 Henderson Rd. ​South Brunswick
​122B081 ​Bridge 2-B-81 Clinton Ave. over Bound Brook ​South Plainfield
​​122C084 ​​Culvert 2-C-84 South Clinton Ave. ​South Plainfield
​122C532 ​Culvert 2-C-532 Grant Ave. ​South Plainfield
​121C022 ​Culvert 1-C-22 Rahway Ave. (County Rt 514) over a Tributary of Woodbridge Creek ​Woodbridge
​121C087 ​Culvert 1-C-87 Thornall St. ​Woodbridge
​121C028 ​Culvert 1-C-28 Rahway Ave. ​Woodbridge
​121C036 ​Culvert 1-C-36 Chain O'Hills Rd. ​Woodbridge
121C015 ​Culvert 1-C-15 Port  Reading Ave.  Woodbridge
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