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The Board of Taxation's primary responsibility is the certification of property tax assessments. Other functions of the Board of Taxation are the annual production of abstract of ratables, the equalization of assessments for the purpose of county taxes, the supervision of each of the municipal Tax Assessors, the certification of municipal tax rates, and other various tasks and reports. The Board of Taxation also conducts hearings of real property tax assessment appeals filed by the taxpayer and renders judgments.
We will continue to offer you updated property assessment material for your viewing and use. Below we have provided several links to related items of the Board of Taxation. It is our pleasure to serve you in an efficient and friendly manner. 
The Board of Taxation is currently composed of:
Richard Lorentzen        President
Kevin Egan                        Commissioner
Arthur M. Haney           Commissioner
Michael E. Lachs            Commissioner
Irving Verosloff              Tax Administrator and Custodian of Records
Tax Documents:                                                             
         2015 Abstract of Ratables     
         2014 Abstract of Ratables
         2016 Equalization Table
         2015 Equalization Table     
         2016 Tax Rates and 2016 Ratios          
         2014 Tax ​Rates and 2015 Ratios                             

         2014 State Certification of the Table of Equalized Valuations                                                                                                           

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