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How can I obtain services?
Contact the George J. Otlowski, Sr. Center for Mental Health Care at 732-442-1666 to schedule an appointment or obtain information on programs and services
What happens after I have my initial intake appointment?
After you are seen for the initial intake appointment, the evaluating clinician will present your information to a treatment team that will determine the appropriate level of care, and will assign you to a clinician for those services.
What if you do not provide the service that I need?
We will make an appropriate referral to a provider who will be better able to meet your clinical needs.
If medication is indicated, will I receive it at either my initial intake appointment or first session with my therapist?
No.  You will be scheduled separately for a psychiatric/medication evaluation with a medication clinic staff member, who will determine your need for medication.
How does therapy work?
In therapy, or counseling, you work with a trained mental health professional – or a team of them – on ways to handle areas of your life that you, or sometimes others, have identified as problems.  You may talk about thoughts and feelings that you have, and you might also work on learning new strategies and skills to cope with these problems.  Therapy can be conducted individually, with family members, or within groups.  A more intensive therapy program may combine all of these approaches.  Some programs may also include supported employment.
How do I know I’m making progress once I start therapy, and how long will it take?
At the end of a comprehensive assessment, the clinician will develop preliminary treatment goals.  Your clinician or case manager will work with you in the early phases to further identify and sharpen goals, and outline steps you can take to reach them.  These become the core of your comprehensive treatment plan, which provides structure for therapy and provides guideposts to judge progress.  Periodically, goals will be reviewed and revised as necessary, on a regular basis.  The length of therapy depends on the goals that have been identified and the progress you make toward meeting them.  Many individuals have issues that require a relatively brief course of treatment, e.g., 2-12 months.  Others may be dealing with more serious problems that require more intensive and longer treatment.  The bottom line is understanding and doing what works best for you.
What types of insurance does the Otlowski Center accept and what if I can’t pay for services?
Medicaid and Medicare currently accepted, some private insurance plans are accepted also.  In addition, a sliding fee scale is available for those who are uninsured.  Referrals are also accepted for the Ryan White Grant Program and for Post Partum Depression Grant.
What does the Otlowski Center do to improve the lives of Middlesex County residents?
The Otlowski Center is a leader in providing mental health care, through our Outpatient Behavioral Health and Partial Care Programs.
With over 80 employees, housed in Perth Amboy we provide clinical care, psychiatric services and partial care services.
Our staff include experienced and licensed professionals trained in evidence-based practices.  There is an emphasis on quality improvement and an expectation of achieving outcomes in all of our programs.
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