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All Middlesex County buildings will remain closed to the general public until further notice due to COVID-19. Only select County services are available on an appointment basis.


What is Vote by Mail?
Vote by Mail has replaced Absentee Voting in the State of New Jersey. It allows a voter to vote without going to the polls on Election Day.
How is Vote by Mail different from Absentee Voting?
Vote by Mail still allows a voter to vote in any election without going to the polls. Now the voter also has the option of automatically receiving ballots for future elections.
Who can Vote by Mail?
Any registered voter can Vote By Mail. No reason is necessary to apply.

How do I apply for Vote by Mail?
You can apply by completing an application and sending it to the County Clerk. If you do not return your completed application, we will not be able to send you a Vote by Mail ballot.

Where can I get an application for Vote by Mail?
You can get an application at:
The County Clerk's Office
Your Municipal Clerk's Office

Do I have to pay for Postage?
 No, both the application and the ballot envelope are postage paid.

When do I have to apply to Vote by Mail?
Your application must be received by the Clerk's Office seven (7) days prior to the election, postmarks are not accepted. You can also apply in person to the County Clerk's Office up until 3:00 pm the day before the election.

Can someone help me complete the application and ballot materials?
Yes, you can have someone help you. This person must complete the assistor section. However, you the voter must sign the application.

Can I fax or e-mail my application?
Only active duty military and voters residing overseas may apply by fax or e-mail. All other voters must apply in writing, with original signature.

If it is within seven days before the election, and I am not able to apply in person to the County Clerk, can someone else get my ballot?
Yes, you would need to complete the application, including the Authorized Messenger section. Your messenger would then apply to the County Clerk, obtain your ballot, and deliver it to you. Your messenger must be a family member or a registered voter in this county and can not be a candidate on the ballot.

If I apply and receive a Vote by Mail ballot, can I vote at the polls instead?
If you did not receive or return your vote by mail ballot, you may vote by provisional ballot at the polls.

If I Vote by Mail, will my vote be counted?
Yes, all votes are counted and included in the final official results.

Can I apply for someone else?
No, only the voter can apply The application must have an original signature, as it appears in the poll books. State law does not allow Power of Attorney.
 What if my signature has changed?
You can update your signature by contacting the Administrator of Elections at (732) 745-3471.
Where could I call with any questions regarding my registration to vote?
The Board of Elections at 732-745-3471.
Where can I find the Petition forms?
For the Primary you can get the petition form from the Municipal Clerk, the Chairman of your Party or the County Clerk.
For Independent petitions for nomination to the General Election, you can only request the form from the County Clerk's Office.
When and where to file an Independent Petition, to be placed on the General Election Ballot?
File only with the County Clerk's office by 4:00 p.m. on or before Primary Election Day.

What is the Number of signatures required on an Independent Petition for nomination for the General election?
For Mayor and Municipal candidates, call 732-745-4202.
For County Offices, the number of signatures is always a 100.
Please remember to get more signatures than  is required, in case some of them may be voided.

Who can sign an Independent Petition for nomination for the General Election?
Any registered voter can sign an Independent petition, as long as they have not signed any other petition.
When and where to file a petition for nomination on the Primary election
You have to file 57 days (April...) before the Primary Election.
A Partisan petition, on a County Level such as Freeholders, Surrogate, Sheriff, and County Clerk, should be filed with the County Clerk's office.

What is the Number of signatures required for a petition for nomination on the Primary election?
For County level offices, the number of signatures required is 100.
For Municipal level offices, please call 732-745-4202 (5% of the total votes cast by political party on the last Primary Election of General Assembly 19:23-8).
For County Committee, please call the County Clerk's Elections office at 732-745-4202 (5% of the total votes cast by party on the last Legislative Primary Election) or a maximum of 10 voters, whichever is the least number of signatures. Petitions should be filed with the Municipal Clerk's.
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