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Carrier Link - local senior centers and postal workers aid vulnerable older adults in the community. Postal workers are trained to identify certain danger signals that could indicate assistance is needed. A uniform county wide identification will be issued to older residents registered on the program to allow postal workers to identify participant homes. A phone call from the postal office to the locally designated senior agency will help a person obtain immediate help to avert a crisis situation or to link them into support services in the community. Check with your local senior center to see if your town participates in Carrier Link.

File of Life - is a red magnetic refrigerator pouch which holds a reference card that captures vital health and emergency information including doctors, medications, medical conditions and emergency contacts. This tool will assist the police and emergency response teams who are called to the aid of a senior resident of the county. File of Life is available to all seniors & disabled adults residing in Middlesex County. To obtain a File of Life, contact the Middlesex County Office of Aging & Disabled Services at 732-745-3295.

Project Medical Card  - is a USB drive, the size of a credit card that allows for medical information to be entered on a basic form using any computer. Project Medical card may be carried conveniently in a wallet and can assist in relaying important medical history during an emergency situation. For more information about Project Medical Card, contact the Middlesex County Office of Aging & Disabled Services at 732-745-3295.  Click here to download the Project Medical Card brochure.

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