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Middlesex County office of Human Services  Division of addiction & Mental Health Planning
Mental Health Board Fact Sheet
In 1967, through Title 30 of the Community Mental Health Services Act of 1963, grants were made available to establish County Mental Health Boards.  The Mental Health Board is an advisory Board, established to provide public leadership for the County in the area of mental health services. 
The Board is comprised of dedicated volunteers who live or work in Middlesex County and have an energetic and knowledgeable interest in mental health and wellness. 
Purpose and Responsibilities

In partnership with the Middlesex County Division of Addiction & Mental Health Planning, the Middlesex County Mental Health Board plans, monitors, and promotes mental health services and community education with a focus on recovery awareness, cultural competence and ending stigma.
The Board’s fiscal responsibilities include review, recommendation and on site monitoring of State and County funded services.  
The Board also is updated on local coordination of the New Jersey Office of Emergency Management's mental health response.

2013 Middlesex County Funded Mental Health Services

SERV Centers, Inc.
outreach/case management services
UMDNJ Specialized Case Management & Outreach Services (SCMOS)
One Time Housing Assistance
UMDNJ One Time Housing Assistance
For more information, please email Lori Dillon or Penny Grande or call 732-745-4313.

Guiding Principles   

A Consumer Focused, Recovery Oriented Mental Health System
We value a mental health service delivery system that:
§  Is consumer focused
§  Offers the wellness & recovery model throughout the continuum of care
§  Supports consumers in their transition to wellness
§  Looks holistically at the overall needs of the individual and empowers persons in recovery to make purposeful choices that lead to a more satisfying and healthy lifestyle
§  Is community based
§  Prioritizes recovery awareness, prevention, cultural competency & de-stigmatization
§  Includes psycho-educationally based family services as an essential element in mental health services



The mission of the Middlesex County Mental Health Board is to promote efforts that will enhance the wellness and recovery opportunities of consumers.  The Board will advocate for consumer driven community supports, services and best practices throughout the continuum of care. The Board is dedicated to consumer empowerment, ending stigma and educating the community on all aspects of mental health awareness. 
* Empowerment *  Advocacy * Education *
* Wellness & Recovery *
Hallmarks of the Middlesex County Mental Health Board
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