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Mission Statement

As provided under Title 19:6-22, the Middlesex County Board of Elections is charged with providing the voters of Middlesex County with the necessary resources, to properly cast their vote for the candidate of their choice, in a safe secure environment, while observing their right of confidentiality, and protecting their right of suffrage, through control and supervision of its assigned resources.

In addition to the regulatory and enforcement responsibilities the board is charged with the preservation of citizen confidence in the democratic process and enhancement in voter participation in elections. We are committed to providing accessible information to individuals with disabilities, including voters, members of the public, candidates, and media.

Who We Are? 

The Middlesex County Board of Elections is an autonomous body of County Government, headed up by four Commissioners appointed by the Governor, two democrats and two republicans, upon recommendation from the respective County, and State Chairmen, one each to alternating two-year terms of office. At their annual reorganization meeting, they elect a President, and a Secretary & Commissioner of Registration, to hold said office for the ensuing year. They serve at the pleasure of the Governor. They are charged with poll worker responsibility, training, and assignment to the polls in all twenty-five towns, which comprise the County of Middlesex. They can exercise full power and authority to direct the Local, County, and/or State Police on duty, to maintain, or restore order, during an election. The election results are certified by the Commissioners, after each election.

The State Attorney General's Office is Legal Counsel for the Board of Elections, to act on its behalf on anything from legal opinions, to representation in Court.

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Middlesex County Board of Elections

11 Kennedy Boulevard
East Brunswick, NJ 08816
Phone Number: (732) 745-3471
Fax: (732) 296-6560
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