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To make an appointment to be tested for COVID-19 at one of the County’s free testing sites, please click here to fill out a form.

All Middlesex County buildings will remain closed to the general public until further notice.


For those seeking to obtain a NJ Pesticide Applicators license.

In order to obtain a pesticide application license in New Jersey, it is necessary to follow the guidelines and requirements for training and certification. 
This information can be accessed through the NJDEP Pesticide Control Program's Website 
Pesticide Applicator Training Manuals are available for purchase at the Middlesex County Extension office. Middlesex County resident and businesses should call our office at 732-398-5262 for all training manual requests between the         hours of 9:00 am and  4:00 pm. 
For exam applications and schedules contact the NJDEP Pesticide Control Program at 609-984-6614 or visit the link(s) above.


You can determine when to take a test by following this link to the testing shedule.  NJ Pesticide Control Program
The following are the Pesticide Training Manuals available with coresponding prices..

Pesticide Training Manual Pricelist

Item CPA# Cost
Private Manual Private $20
Dealer Manual DEALER $25
Plant 1A $45
Animal 1B $25
Forest 2 $35
Ornamental, Turf, Interior, Plant 3ABC $45
Seed Treatment 4 $25
Aquatic 5 $25
Right Of Way 6AB $45
General & Household 7A $35
Termites & Other Wood Destroying 7B $35
Fumigation 7C $20
Food Mfg. And Processing 7D $20
Wood Preservation 7E $20
Tri Butylin / Antifoulants 7F $20
General Public Health 8A $20
Mosquito 8B $35
Campground 8C $20
Cooling Tower 8D $20
Sewer Line 8E $20
Pet Groomer 8F $20
Regulatory 9 $20
Demonstration & Research 10 $20
Aerial 11 $20
Antimicrobial-Swimming Pools/EtO 12AB $20
Pesticide Applicator Training Manual 13 $35​


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