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Home to Rutgers Cooperative Extension of Middlesex County, located in Davidson's Mill Pond Park.

Middlesex County's EARTH Center






The E.A.R.T.H. Center in Davidson’s Mill Pond Park at 42 Riva Ave., in South Brunswick, is the headquarters for Rutgers Cooperative Extension of Middlesex County.  The State University’s outreach wing, Rutgers Cooperative Extension offers programs such as the Master Gardeners Environmental Stewardship program, 4-H Youth Development clubs and federally funded nutrition classes for limited resource families. Rutgers Cooperative Extension uses the knowledge of university faculty to offer programs and research to serve Middlesex County’s diverse population.  
Middlesex County's EARTH Center invites you to learn about local agriculture and the environment. Now your school group, Scout Troop or senior's club, can take a guided tour at the Middlesex County EARTH Center to learn about these topics and more. Please call us for scheduling availability.

The EARTH Center demonstration areas include a 1000 square foot vegetable garden, a 13-bed herb garden,
native plant displays  and an arboretum. These demonstrations are used to spark conversation about local agriculture, basics of horticulture, Integrated Pest Management, earth-friendly gardening techniques and many topics that are the focus of the Extension Agriculture and Natural Resource Management Division.
Adult volunteers can find out about donating time to the EARTH Center gardens by calling 732-398-5278.

Alternative Energy & Bio-fuels - Solar panels, hybrid cars and alternative fuels, are all becoming   
increasingly common. Learn more about them, to see if they’ve a place in your greening efforts.
Rain Garden - Experience how a simple addition to your landscape can help to replenish our state’s clean groundwater supplies.
Compost Demonstration - Extension staff and volunteers conduct composting/recycling demonstrations and educational programs. There are several types of compost bins on display at the EARTH Center which help us to promote composting and the recycling of organic materials. The extension office has received support since 1994 from the Middlesex County's Division of Solid Waste Management in order to conduct solid waste/natural resource programs and activities.
Butterfly House - Our Master Gardeners have built and maintain a butterfly house through the growing season. It is open on weekends from 10 AM - Noon in June July and August.  Come marvel at the pollinators while learning how you can help support them in your backyard.
Children's Garden -  Latched but not locked, the children's garden is open during park hours and provides 
a whimsical yet education getaway for families and their little ones.  Check out the green roof playhouse. 

 The EARTH Center can also be a resource for local scout troops, providing a place to work on gardening or agriculture achievement badges. There are plenty of opportunities for scouts to fulfill community volunteer time needs as well. These demonstration gardens can turn a walk in the park into a learning experience for visitors during normal daylight park hours.
For a guided group tour, contact the EARTH Center at 732-398-5262.

Be sure to keep an eye out for our annual Garden and Music Festival usually happening in the 
second half of August when are garden are at their peak. For more informationon this  call 732-398-5268.
Davidson's Mill Pond Park
​​42 Riva Avenue​
South Brunswick, NJ 08902 
(732) 398 - 5262

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