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All Middlesex County buildings will remain closed to the general public until further notice due to COVID-19– County services are available on an appointment basis.


Environmental and Community Stewardship Program

If you would like more information and an application for the program, please call 


Rutgers trained Master Gardeners of Middlesex County can be reached by phone at 732-398-5220. Currently, callers should leave a detailed message and contact to receive a personal call back. Our volunteers can also help via e-mail which may include pictures of your horticultural issues. Contact them at

Starting in March 2021 join us virtually every Wednesday morning at 10 am
Master Gardener Helpline Live!

Rutgers Extension staff and volunteers will answer your horticultural inquiries. This is a free program for Middlesex County residents who would like to learn more about a range of topics including:​

- houseplants
- vegetable or fruit gardening
- landscape
- tree care
- plant pests and diseases

To submit a question or participate via Zoom, please email our Master Gardener Helpline at with ‘Live!’ in the subject and your first name, town of residence and question in the body of the email. Our Helpline volunteers will send you a link to the Zoom meeting. We’re looking forward to helping you solve your garden mysteries! 

Upcoming Events

RU Ready 2 Garden Webinar - Pruning Your Fruit Trees​
Thursday March 11 at 6:30 pm
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Whether you’re a seasoned orchardist or first-time fruit tree grower, Rutgers fruit tree breeder and professor, Dr. Goffreda will explain the best techniques for pruning and maintaining the fruit trees in your home garden.

For a personal invite to join them, E-mail your name to with “RU Ready” as the subject. Learn more on our RU Ready 2 Garden page!

​About the RU Ready 2 Garden Program

​Learn to produce quality food for your family and friends with our FREE weekly one-hour webinar on Thursdays at 6:30 pm from March 11 to May 27.

Rutgers, New Jersey Agriculture Experiment Station experts, will cover a variety of topics for beginners and advanced gardeners alike. Viewers can expect to review time tested practices, learn innovative new techniques and virtually visit some local farms. Get expert advice on effective gardening techniques from our Master Gardeners, who cover a variety of topics for beginners and professionals alike, with our RU Ready 2 Garden webinar series.

Supplemental Resources
Beginner-Friendly Vegetables and Tips for the Novice Gardener​
Edible Landscaping: Garden Goals and More

About Us

Master Gardeners are community volunteers trained by Rutgers experts in sustainable gardening and environmental principles.

  • Sound gardening techniques - plant selection; disease, insect and weed control
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Composting
  • Creative methods to conserve ​natural resources
  • Community interaction

Master Gardener interns are required to volunteer 60 hours of service to Rutgers Cooperative Extension of Middlesex County before achieving certification. Once graduated a certified Master Gardener must volunteer 25 hours of service each year, to remain in good standing. Examples of volunteer service are:

  • Answering gardening questions on the Gardeners Helpline
  • Conducting composting and recycling lectures/demonstrations
  • Community beautification and demonstration garden maintenance
  • Lecturing on a variety of gardening topics
  • Assisting with community events such as the Middlesex County Fair

Participants become certified Master Gardeners after they have satisfactorily completed the training program and have fulfilled their volunteer service commitment.

Is the Master Gardeners / Environmental Stewardship program for you?

​​Join if you are:

  • ​Interested in learning more about plants and gardening.
  • Eager to gain knowledge on using natural resources wisely.
  • Willing to share your knowledge by assisting in gardening projects or programs.
  • Looking for fulfillment resulting from community involvement.

The Master Gardener student agrees to:

  • Enroll in the program (includes a non-refundable fee for program cost and educational and lab materials).
  • Abide by all policies of Rutgers Cooperative Extension of Middlesex County
  • Satisfactorily complete the training program (classes, labs and field trips) within the time period of the program.
  • Attend 80 percent of all classes and field trips.
  • Actively participate in program committees (2 or more).
  • Participate in a mandatory "hands-on" garden class time during the first growing season of their Master Gardener career.
  • Complete 60 hours of community volunteer service through Rutgers Cooperative Extension programs in Middlesex County during their first year as an intern (EARTH Center and Rutgers events count towards this 60 hours ).
  • Support and promote the Master Gardener/Environmental and Community Stewardship Program, primarily at the local level.
  • ​Assist Rutgers Cooperative Extension with Middlesex County Fair agricultural booth and other designated events.

Interns have a choice to attend the required lectures on either Thursday evenings or Friday mornings, in addition to attending weekly lectures, September through April, and “hands-on” gardening sessions

Middlesex County Master Gardeners Helpful Links:

Nearby Land Grant Universities:
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Rutgers Cooperative Extension of Middlesex County
Master Gardeners
42 Riva Avenue
Davidson's Mill Pond Park
South Brunswick, NJ
Master Gardeners Helpline:
(732) 398-5220

Mailing Address:
42 Riva Avenue
Davidson's Mill Pond Park​
North Brunswick, NJ 08902​​
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