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​​Aliens are Visiting the Village this October!​


The public is invited to East Jersey Old Town Village for an out-​of this world Halloween Food Drive! On Wednesday, October 28th through Sunday, November 1st, from 10 to 4pm join us and support MCFOODS​. In exchange for canned and dry goods or a monetary donation, donors can receive a bag packed with goodies. Donate via contactless drive through at the Village and stay and stroll the Village and park grounds for an out of this world treat.
The Halloween celebration continues online with spooky makeup tutorials, historical images, stories, crafts, recipes, and more.

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Draw a Chalk Mural

Use tempera paint and chalk to create a temporary sidewalk mural to attract trick or treaters and place a big bowl of candy out with a “take one” sign! Watch the parade of costumed kids from your window.​​ ​​​

Read and Make a Nature Collage
Journey through a world created entirely from natural materials with Lois Ehlert, then create your own leaf man and friends collage!

We've provided a PDF copy of Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert​, so you can read it aloud or check out the video below to enjoy the story another way.
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More Arts, Crafts and Recipes

Learn to make a variety of Halloween crafts with this series of tutorials from young, local artists with the Blazing Star Teen Advisory Board

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You can also:
Sketch a futuristic vehicle, with this activity from the ArtSparks Foundation​​​​

Bring some historic tradition to your Halloween celebration 

Looking for more recipes? Check out State Theatre NJ's  pinterest for more Halloween Party Food!

Create Your Own Characters

Learn how to make yourself look like a zombie, with this make-up tutorial from artist Antoinette Marchfelder of Meraki Face & Body Arts
Having trouble viewing this video?  Watch it here!​​​

Here's another video make-up tutorial featuring an adult kid duo of the Coraline and Other Mother characters from the artist, Melody Miranda.
Having trouble viewing this video?  Watch it here!​
​​​ ​​​​​​​

More Halloween Treats

Your Halloween Party Playlist
Here's a sample of our favorite songs to get you into the Halloween spirit.  Listen to the whole playlist on Spotify.​

​​Photo Gallery Flashback - ReThink Theatrical presents "Sleepy Hollow"
Revisit some of the best moments from the Halloween production of "Sleepy Hollow," performed at East Jersey Old Town Village in October 2019.

ReThink Theatrical shared their original re-telling of the legend of Sleepy Hollow in celebration of the legend’s 200th anniversary!  Using East Jersey Old Town Village and Cornelius Low House​ as its set, the troupe's story came to life in a setting reminiscent of the tale's place in history.
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​Celebrate Dias de Muertos (Day of the Dead)

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DIA DE MUERTOS ¡Una tradición muy viva!           

La celebración del día de muertos es una de las mas importantes en la cultura mexicana.  El origen de la celebración tiene antecedentes prehispánicos.  Con la llegada de los españoles la celebración se fusiono con la de los fieles difuntos. ( propia del catolicismo)

Se celebra los días 1 y 2 de noviembre.  En algunas lugares las festividades comienzan desde el 28 de octubre. Cuando se rememora a las personas que murieron en accidentes.  El 30 bebes que fallecieron antes de ser bautizados. El 31 de octubre los menores de 12 años.  El primero de noviembre, el día día de todos los santos y El 2 de noviembre día de los fieles difuntos.)

La UNESCO en 2008 declaro esta celebración como Patrimonio Cultural Inmaterial de la Humanidad.  Es una expresión tradicional integradora, representativa y comunitaria.

El altar de muertos es uno de los elementos más representativos de esta celebración, en el se colocan:

  • Fotografías de las personas fallecidas.
  • Comida que le gustaba al fallecido como mole, frutas, chocolate, café, tamales y juguetes si se trata de un menor.
  • Agua La fuente de vida y la pureza del alma.
  • La sal Elemento de Purificación.
  • Velas y Veladoras. Significa la luz, la fe la esperanza. Y sirve como guía a las animas.
  • Incienso o copal para alejar a los malos espíritus.
  • El camino de flor de cempasúchil. ( es un sendero metafórico de luz por el color naranja de los pétalos.
  • Papel picado de colores representa el aire uno de los cuatro elementos que tiene que estar en la ofrenda.
  • El tradicional pan de muerto.
  • Calaveritas de azúcar, en alusión a la muerte.
  • Y otros elementos como alguna bebida que le gustaba al fallecido como cerveza, Tequila o pulque.

Ademas de ir a los cementerios y llevar flores.En algunas regiones se lleva música e invitados junto a la tumba.

Mexico es un país muy grande y multicultural, donde hay diferentes ámbitos urbano y rurales, mestizos e indigenas, con definiciones culturales distintas y esto ha influido en que esta fiesta sea muy enriquecedora y muy viva.

Having trouble viewing the video?  Watch it here!​

Sisters Maria and Teresa Vivar demonstrate the way to make and use two important Day of the Dead alter elements: marigolds and papel picado. In this case the marigolds (traditionally fresh flowers) are made with crepe paper, and the papel picado is made from tissue paper.

In the video, Maria demonstrates how to cut, wrap, and glue tissue or crepe paper into beautiful paper representations of live marigolds, the traditional flower used in Day of the Dead altars. Maria learned this method from her mentor after cold weather destroyed the local community’s marigold crop one year; Maria now teaches this method to others in workshops and community gatherings.

As you’ll learn, marigolds (and the fruits, bread and other food decorating the altar) symbolize Earth, one of the four elements necessary to construct an altar. The other elements are Fire (represented by candles), Water (usually a dish or cup of water), and Air (here symbolized by delicate tissue paper cut with symmetrical designs).

To create Papel Picado, Maria layers and folds multiple sheets of colored tissue paper into triangle shapes. Then, using sharp scissors, she makes small, symmetrical cuts along the edges of the folded paper. When she finishes and unfolds the paper, each sheet contains detailed, delicate shapes made from the small cuts. Whereas marigolds must be made from yellow or orange paper, papel picado may be made in any color and any design, according to the maker’s desire and the way they wish to honor the departed.

Experience a Virtual Dia de Muertos Experience
Presented by the State Theatre in New Brunswick​
Join Sugar Skull, a charismatic candy skeleton, as he follows the music towards the ultimate party!  This captivating theatrical experience celebrates the stories and culture of Day of the Dead, a traditional holiday that transcends borders. 

Customize your own skull design, inspired by the popular Dia de Muertos tradition.​
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