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at East Jersey Old Town Village

​The Fitzrandolph House is typical of a very early Piscataway farmhouse. It represents some of the first small shelters built during the mid-1700s on the high lands surrounding the Raritan River.

The House is believed to have been built by David Fitzrandolph in 1743. David, a Freeholder in 1749, also served in other governmental positions including Overseer of Roads. His extended family occupied the House until 1848, when Sarah Fitzrandolph, Mr. and Mrs. Nehemiah Morse, Issac Fitzrandolph and his wife, sold the property to Vandeveer Giles. The House and property were sold nine years later to Randolph Martin. The property eventually came back to the Giles family in 1865, and remained in their possession until the 1890s.

The Fitzrandolph House retains original wood floors, plaster walls, window and door hardware, and most of the original window panes.​

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Fitzrandolph House at East Jersey Old Town Village
1050 River Road 
Piscataway, NJ 08854 
Phone Number: (732) 745-3030
TTY: (732) 745-3888
Tuesday - Friday 8:30am - 4pm
Sunday 1 - 4pm
Closed Mondays, Saturdays & Holidays​​

Guided Public Tours
Tuesday - Friday and Sunday 1:30pm​​
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