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4-H Youth Development Program offers everyone in grades K–13, the chance to explore countless opportunities in science, arts, foods, outdoor adventure, and more.

I Pledge-
My HEAD to clearer thinking.
My HEART to greater loyalty.
My HANDS to larger service, and,
My HEALTH to better living
For my club, my community, my world

MOTTO: "To make the Best Better"

A listing of 4-H Clubs active in Middlesex County  is available by contacting the 4-H office at (732)-398-5261 or e-mailing .
A 4-H Vision: The name 4-H conjures up different pictures for different people. Your vision of 4-H may be county fairs, horse shows, a model rocket launch, or 4-H camping programs. Your vision depends on your experiences with 4-H Youth Development.
4-H is People: Whatever your vision, 4-H is about helping adults and youth grow, learn and develop into competent people.
4-H is Experience Centered Learning: It enables them to adapt what they learn to everyday life through action and reflection. 4-H program is centered on experience, it is education for life. 4-H gives the youth opportunity to experience a sense of accomplishment and success, key ingredients to gaining a sense of self-esteem.
Current Programs and Visions of the Future:
·         a 4-H activity or a 4-H club in an after or before school setting;
·         a small business being run by a group of urban youth
·         a group of children, in a short term program, learning about the right foods to eat
·         a group of youth in a housing project or a 4-H club composed of adjudicated youth
·         a classroom teacher using 4-H curriculum to enrich curriculum or leading a 4-H club at their school;
·         college age youth tutoring youth in reading and math
·         __________ This line represents a blank mental page so together we can create new visions to reach youth!
4-H is Volunteers: 4-H volunteers are the backbone of the 4-H Youth Development Program.  4-H volunteers are taught how to provide a safe environment for youth so they can experiment, and grow. We celebrate each and everyone who has chosen the 4-H volunteer experience.
Support for Volunteers: Volunteers receive training and support for which ever role they choose.
They begin one step at a time, and eventually they are running with the 4-H program!
For our current 4-H volunteers, thank you for sharing your time and dedication with New Jersey's 4-H youth.
4-H depends on people like you working with other adults and youth.
For those of you who are not 4-H volunteers, we invite you to explore the possibility of becoming a  volunteer with Middlesex County 4-H Youth Development.
If you would like a brochure (available in English and Spanish) with more info on joining 
4-H in Middlesex County, send an e-mail request to
To learn more about 4-H programs on a statewide level, follow this link to the NJ 4-H website.
Directions to the Middlesex County 4-H Center

Follow Rt. 18 (south from New Brunswick) to the Cranbury Rd. Exit
in East Brunswick.
Rt. 18 is accessible from the NJ Turnpike (Exit 9).
Take the Cranbury Rd. Exit towards Cranbury. 
Follow Cranbury Rd. (Rt. 535) for a few miles, crossing Ryders and Rues Lane.
You will pass the East Brunswick Post Office and Kindercare on your left.
The next intersection you will come to (at a traffic light) will be Fern Rd. 
The 4-H Center will be on your right immediately after the intersection.
The 4-H Center is a log cabin building adjacent to the Middlesex County
* The 4-H Clover is protected under 18 U.S.C. 707

Rutgers Cooperative Extension of Middlesex County
4-H Center
645 Cranbury Road
East Brunswick, NJ 08816
Phone Number: (732) 398-5261
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