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The Jungle Book Kids
Auditions for The Jungle Book Kids will be held Saturday, August 3rd from 10am-12pm at the Plays-in-the-Park Theatre, located at 1 Pine Drive , Edison NJ, 08837 in Roosevelt Park.
Please come prepared with approximately 16 bars of an up-tempo song. An accompanist will be provided. Bring your own sheet music in the correct key, marked with the appropriate cuts. Please bring a headshot and resume if you have one. Have rehearsal conflicts ready to be documented. Come dressed ready to move. If you have any questions, please call the theater at (732) 548-2884.

The show plays 12 performances, at 1 pm and 4pm, on October 5, 6, 12, 13, 19, and 20, 2019. Rehearsals will begin September 3, 2019 and can include weekday evenings and weekend days.
Character Breakdown:
Mowgli: a boy who gets along with everyone and is very likeable. He has a joyful and curious nature, and a twinkle in his eye. Able to captivate the audience, and be a bit feisty.
Gender: Male - child actor should read 8-10 years old. No taller than 5’.
Vocal Range: D4 - C3
Coconut Tree / Shanti: the girl who takes Mowgli to the village at the end of the story. She is hiding in the Jungle the entire show disguised as the coconut tree. She exudes sweetness and kindness.
Gender: Female - child actor should read 8-10 years old. No taller than 5’.
Vocal Range: C5 - C4
Baby Elephant: the smallest, and youngest of the elephants. Vocal solo and marching.
Gender: Any - can be played by a child (5-8) or adult actor. No taller than 4’8”.
Vocal Range: A3 - E3
Bagheera: the panther, acts as an older sibling to Mowgli. Should be physically agile and inhibited with a good command of their body.
Gender: Any
Vocal Range: Bb3 - D3
Baloo: an exuberant bear, who acts as the comic relief throughout the story. He is not afraid to be wild and crazy and physically uninhibited.
Gender: Male
Vocal Range: D4 - C3
Kaa: the snake, is the threat that Mowgli faces on his way out of the Jungle. Should sing and move well.
Gender: Any
Vocal Range: B3 - D3
Shere Khan: the tiger, is the King of the Jungle. Threatening in size, attitude or both. A strong actor to play a good villain for the story.
Gender: Male
Vocal Range: C4 - E3
Colonel Hathi: the elephant, in charge of the elephant brigade. He is also a little forgetful. Good at giving commands and being a drill sergeant, but never totally sure what’s going on.
Gender: Male
Vocal Range: A3 - D3
King Louie: is the King of the Monkeys. Strong comedic timing, and not afraid to act like a monkey.
Gender: Male
Vocal Range: C4 - C3
Plus the Jungle Chorus (# TBD) - ensemble of singers, actors and dancers to play various groups like Monkeys, Wolves, Elephants and Kaa’s coils. Should be able to sing and move well.
Gender: Any
Vocal Range: E4 - C3
PLAYS-IN-THE-PARK is a Community Theatre and all performers are volunteers. If you have any questions, please call 732-548-2884, ext., 225 or email Diane Cervelli.


Stephen J. Capestro Theater
1 Pine Drive, Edison, NJ 08837
Mailing Address:
PO Box 661, New Brunswick, NJ 08903
Phone - (732) 548-2884
Fax - (732) 548-1484

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