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Middlesex County’s PLAYS-IN-THE-PARK will hold its open call auditions for all roles in “Freckleface Srawberry” on Saturday, July 29 at 3 pm. Auditions are held at the Plays-in-the-Park theater, located at 1 Pine Drive, Edison, NJ 08837 in Roosevelt Park.  Please come prepared with approximately 16 bars of an up-tempo “show tune”.  An accompanist will be provided. Bring your own sheet music in the proper key, marked with any cuts.  You will then be taught a dance combination and be asked to read from the provided script. If you have any questions, please call the theater at (732) 548-2884.

The show plays 10 performances, at 1 pm and 4pm, on October 7, 8, 14, 15 and 21, 2017. Rehearsals begin early September and can include weekday evenings and weekend days.

Strawberry - Seeking actress 16+ to play Caucasian girl, age 7-10. Strawberry is extremely appealing, cute, smart and diminutive. Hates her red hair and freckles. Beautiful in her own way, extremely empathetic and a bit of a tomboy, Based on Julianne Moore at a young age. Seeking a strong singer with an excellent contemporary musical theatre voice. Strong mover. Very strong actress. LEAD.

Mother / Teacher - Caucasian female characters, late 20s – early 40s. Mother: Strawberry’s mother, based on Julianne Moore as she is today. Beautiful, maternal and tender. Teacher: Fun, funny, creative. Free spirit. Very cheerful, a bit odd. For Mother, good singer w/warm soprano voice needed; actress should also be able to perform a hilarious faux-rap number as the Teacher. Strong singer. Very strong actress. Also plays Jane, a young girl.

Ballet Girl - Seeking actress 18+ to play a girl, any ethnicity, age 7-10. Character is a driven ballet dancer. Self-involved, innocently conceited loner who secretly longs for a friend. Comes off as a bit of a snob, but is actually quite insecure. True comedienne. Should be a very strong singer skilled in ballet technique. Pointe work a plus.

Danny - Seeking actor 18+ to play a boy, any ethnicity, age 7-10. Danny is a popular jock. Goofy, but also extremely charming and good-looking. Loves to be the center of attention. Strong singer.

Jake - Seeking actor 18+ to play a boy, any ethnicity, age 7-10. Jake is Strawberry’s best friend. Very smart, very sensitive. Strong pop tenor singer.

Harry / Strawberry’s Baby Brother - Seeking actor 18+ to play Caucasian boys, age 7-10. Harry: Cute, childish (baby-face) and stocky, but not unfit. Full of life. Great comic timing needed. Actor also plays Strawberry’s Baby Brother. Strong singer/dancer.

Emily - Seeking actress 18+ to play a girl, any ethnicity, age 7-10. Emily is endearingly ditzy. Beautiful, popular, confident. A magnet. Has a big crush on Danny. Strong singer/dancer.

For further information, please call the theater at 732-548-2884.

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Stephen J. Capestro Theater
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