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Enjoy the scenery and develop your total fitness with our outdoor fitness courses.

​A ​Fitness Trail Station at Warren Park in Woodbridge.

Five of the Middlesex County Parks are equipped with the Health Trail Fitness Trails. This exercise system combines a series of scientifically designed exercise stations along a 1-2 mile paved jogging trail. Each of the stations are equipped with a detailed exercise instruction sign designed to accommodate all levels of fitness: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Depending upon your fitness level, the signs specify whether you should walk, jog, or run through the sequence of stations, which contains the exercise equipment and instructions.  

The first few stations are designed to loosen muscles and warm up the cardiovascular system. The middle stations are to develop your major muscles groups and flexibility. The final stations help to stretch your muscles and cool down. The health trail system of intervals develops cardiovascular conditioning, muscle tone, and flexibility resulting in the overall improvement and maintenance of your fitness level. You can monitor your heart rate by using the pulse monitor check charts located at strategic exercise stations throughout the course.

The concept of total fitness is a recommended activity by the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports. We invite you to try our outdoor fitness course and have fun and enjoy the scenery while developing your total fitness in the following Parks:

Donaldson Park - Highland Park
Thomas Edison Park - Edison​
Johnson Park - Piscataway​
Phillips Park - Old Bridge
Roosevelt Park - Edison
Warren Park - Woodbridge​
Donaldson Park - HDonaldson Park
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